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August at the BOG

Story posted August 11, 2011

Garlic harvest just happened!  This is a big process.  We had over 1,000 row feet of Music and German White garlic, and each head was surprisingly large, full, white and beautiful.  First we pull the heads from the ground, then we stack them all in alternating directions on a pallet and put it in our warehouse with a fan on it for 7-10 days to dry it out.  This makes the skin papery and the cloves firm up so that it will keep for a long time and take on that sweet, somewhat sharp, familiar flavor of good garlic.

We are now harvesting summer squash and cucumbers.  For summer squash, we are growing zephyr, a long, skinny, light yellow squash with a green tip; golden glory, yellow crookneck, yellow scallopini, black beauty and raven.  For cucumbers, we are growing marketmore and olympian.  Cherry tomatoes are getting started although recent wet weather is making them split their skins.  The varieties we have include black cherry, white cherry, yellow pear, red pear, peacevine and toronjina.  The red slicers we are currently harvesting are crimson sprinter and mountain princess, both early-maturing standard reds.  The varieties we have coming still include taxi, striped german, sunkist and juliet.  We can't wait!

Alex, this summer's intrepid intern, leaves full-time work at the BOG in just a few days, and he will be missed!  He has brought humor, hard work, ingenuity, and a solid, dependable presence to the farm since he started in late May.  In celebration of his time here, both Alex and Katherine indulged in some mid-day bridge jumping at Wolfe's Neck Farm at high tide!  There will also be an early morning Frosty's donut shop visitation on his last day (as if we really need an excuse to go there!).

With students' return soon upon us and big time harvesting just around the corner, it feels as though the BOG is just coming into its own for the 2011 season!  Summer is far from over.

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