Bowdoin Organic Garden

July Update

Story posted July 14, 2010

It is closing in on the middle of the month here in July and the garden is really in bloom.  The warm weather over the past few weeks, combined with a little bit of rain has done wonders!  While stringing up tomato plants yesterday I ate the first ripe cherry tomato!!!  It was delicious, but don't worry there are plenty more to come!  The tomatoes are loaded down with green fruit just waiting for some more sunny warm days to ripen to perfection.  

I am afraid that this weather can also be great for bugs to start to infest the garden as well.  Last year we battled slugs for what seemed like two months while it rained.  This year the slugs have been missing but others have taken their places.  While scouting for bugs earlier in the week I noticed tarnish plant bugs, Colorado potato beetles, imported cabbage worms, and a few Japanese beetles.  Needless to say we have been filling up jars of bugs this week that would impress anyone.  No real damage yet, but the war has been waged.  If anyone is really into plant diseases and pests the MOFGA pest specialist produces pest report every few weeks for the state of Maine.  It's very informative and can give you a heads up before pests become a problem.  I have learned a lot looking at this publication.  Not only pest life cycles but how many is too many, or other cultural controls besides spraying chemicals.  

While uploading the pictures this week I was taking a look at past posts with older pictures.  It really is amazing to think that the entire garden started from seeds that fit in a small cardboard box that I could carry around in my backpack.  Way to go plants!

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