Bowdoin Organic Garden

Hot and Humid

Story posted July 06, 2010

It seems as though summer has really hit us here in Brunswick.  The past week or so has been extremely hot and humid.  All the plants are really taking advantage of this hot weather and putting on a lot of growth (Including the weeds).  Unfortunately we still don't have water at our Pleasant hill gardens, which during these dry times means many trips to gather water.  Everything is fairing well and our newly seeded rutabaga, kale and salad greens are up and growing.  This week we are adding Chinese cabbage to our harvest, and maybe next week it will be time for cabbage and our first broccoli.  We even have a few early Jalapeno peppers that are almost ready to harvest!

The hot and dry days this year are a complete opposite to those of last year.  By this time last year we still had standing water in the fields, people had yet to cut hay, and we were looking to take breaks under cover to get out of the rain not the sun.  Luckily with this string of weather disease has yet to become the problem it was last year with early and late blight.  We are keeping our fingers crossed, but a little rain would be nice.

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