"To be at home in all lands and all ages; To count Nature a familiar acquaintance,"
— William DeWitt Hyde, President of Bowdoin College 1885 - 1917

Our Roots

Welcome to the Bowdoin Organic Garden, where all things grow, whether planted or not!  Initiated by a group of students in 2005, the Bowdoin Organic Garden is operated by the College's Dining Service and includes a garden manager, students and volunteers.  In addition to growing vegetables, fruit and flowers for use in the College's dining halls, it provides research opportunities for the faculty, and agricultural experiences and events for the greater College community.  The Bowdoin Organic Garden is both an educational and production garden, striving to produce nutritious food and encourage culinary and agricultural exploration among the Bowdoin community.

Today’s New Shoots

BOG envisions our agricultural spaces as areas not only for the production of healthy produce for the dining halls, but also to be used for cultivating a greater understanding and connection with the natural history of the foods we eat.  Over the past year we have worked toward increasing our growing spaces on campus, via permanent raised beds around our barn, adding several new beds at our main garden, and nearly doubling our garden space on South Street.  We actively increase production through the use of companion planting, intercropping, buffer crops, and season extension.  Major changes were initiated at the South Street location last fall to incorporate permaculture practices.  Looking forward, BOG will continue to strive for highly productive, yet visually gratifying garden landscapes, and encourages the community to enjoy these spaces, be it for a peaceful place to study or simply to socialize.