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OneCard Account Terms and Conditions

This agreement is executed between the individual named on the front of the Bowdoin OneCard (the Participant) and Bowdoin College (the College). This Agreement references a Bowdoin OneCard (the Card), which is available to Bowdoin College students, faculty, staff and certain individuals affiliated with the College. The OneCard Office administer this Agreement for Bowdoin College. The College may modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement and will communicate such changes by posting to this website and campus digests prior to the effective date of any changes.

You may use the card to pay for purchases at participating campus locations, up to the amount of your account limits, in the case of an inclining balance or charge account (i.e. Polar Plus, Student Bookstore Charges, etc.), or the actual amount of funds on your Polar Points or Miscellaneous Account balances. You cannot withdraw cash using your Bowdoin OneCard. There are no fees to establish or use the account; the full amount of your deposit will be available on your Bowdoin OneCard.

Additional identification may be required to verify the identity of the cardholder, and that only the participant uses the Bowdoin OneCard and any of its functions.

Card Access to Buildings
The Card will have already been validated for access to appropriate buildings on campus in accordance with College policies and procedures. If access is needed to any additional spaces on campus, please see the head of that department who can then process the appropriate request, or contact the OneCard staff at onecard@bowdoin.edu. Participants must never allow use of their OneCard by anyone else for access to College buildings. Allowing use of the Card by others is in violation of Bowdoin College policy, and compromises the security and safety of other members of the College community. As a result, OneCard privilieges may be suspended or revoked at the discretion of the OneCard staff. Appeals may be directed to Del Wilson, the Director of Finance and Campus Services (dwilson@bowdoin.edu) or his designee.

The Miscellaneous Account
Students, faculty, and staff can make cash deposits at the automated deposit machines (CSVTs). All deposits must be in U.S. bills. These funds can be used for laundry, vending, copying machines, and at other locations listed on the OneCard website. The Participant understands and agrees that this is not a credit account, and that under no circumstances may amounts charged to the account result in a negative balance.

No Interest on Funds
The Participant understands and agrees that no interest or other earnings will be paid or credited to the Participant’s account.

These Accounts are not to be used by anyone other than the person identified on the OneCard.
OneCard staff may suspend or revoke the Account(s) of any participant who shares her/his Card with another Appeals may be directed to Del Wilson, the Director of Finance and Campus Services (dwilson@bowdoin.edu) or his designee.

Miscellaneous Account Duration
The duration of this Account shall be from the opening date of the account until one of the following occurs:

  1. Separation from the College such as withdrawal, graduation or transfer to another college or university. In the case of a member of the faculty or staff, this also includes resignation or termination.
  2. The Participant fails to follow the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Balances remaining at the end of an academic year will roll over into the following academic year unless one of the above occurs.

Miscellaneous Accounts are automatically refunded to students if any remaining balance exists upon graduation or exit from the College. Final student bills will be credited this amount or if there is no balance due to the College, checks will be issued from the Bursar's Office and mailed out.

Statements of Account
A statement of activity on the account will be provided upon request sent to the OneCard staff via email to onecard@bowdoin.edu. If the Participant questions any transactions, the OneCard Staff should be notified immediately. If the Participant does not inform the OneCard Staff via email within thirty (30) days of the transaction date, the Participant is liable for all amounts connected to those transactions.

Student Board Plans and Polar Points, Bookstore Charge Accounts and Faculty/Staff Polar Plus Accounts
While the OneCard acts as a vehicle for transactions to these accounts, they are controlled by their respective departments, and governed by their terms and conditions. Any issues or questions can only be addressed by those departments.