Off Campus Program

Students can use their OneCard funds at participating merchants in the Brunswick community.

Using your OneCard at participating merchants is just as easy as using it on campus. Merchants who accept the OneCard will swipe your card at the time of a transaction, and have you sign a sales receipt. That’s all there is to it!

We're delighted to join with all of our local merchant partners to expand the OneCard program and provide students with great new options.

The list below will be updated as new merchant partners join the program. Check back often!

Merchants accepting OneCard

The Brunswick Hotel and Tavern 4 Noble Street
Rite-Aid Pharmacy 156 Maine Street
Warming's Market 294 Maine St
Warming's Market (Facebook)

Frequently Asked Questions

So how exactly does this work?

Participating merchants will accept student OneCards as a valid form of payment. Merchants will swipe the card at the time of transaction, and have you sign a sales receipt as a record of the transaction. Merchants will not have access to your account balance information, or any personal information beyond what is needed to process the transaction.

As with any on-campus OneCard transaction, please ensure that you have enough deposited in your OneCard to cover the purchase you would like to make. Your card will be declined if your current balance is less than the transaction amount. Ensure that you're always covered by using the tools on the OneCard website to track your card balance and deposit more funds when needed.

Are there any restrictions to what I can buy?

OneCard funds may not be used to purchase alcohol or tobacco products. Merchants will decline to accept OneCards as payment for these products.

How can I track my off-campus spending?

Off-campus spending is as easy to track as your spending on campus. The account view tool available on the OneCard homepage will show your recent transaction history (up to 100 days). Purchases at one of our merchant partners will be displayed in your history just like any transaction on campus. Off Campus transactions will list "UGRYD" as the Location, and the specific merchant name will appear as the Comment.

If you have questions about transactions older than 100 days, please contact the OneCard office and we will be happy to provide older transaction history.

Can I use my Polar Points off campus?

No, merchants are only able to accept OneCard funds.

Polar points are a component of your Dining board plan, and as such are restricted to use at Bowdoin Dining locations.

Can I suggest a new merchant?

Suggestions from students are always welcome - let us know where you'd like to use your cards! Please email any suggestions to the OneCard office.

If you're a merchant who would like more information about the Ugryd program, please contact us. We'll be happy to send you some basic information and put you in touch with the UGryd merchant team who can answer your questions and get you set up to accept Bowdoin OneCards.

The OneCard office's contact information is available on the right-hand side of the page.

Can Faculty and Staff use their cards off campus too?

Sorry, no. Due to the way Faculty and Staff accounts are structured, merchants will be unable to accept these cards.

Only Student OneCards will be accepted as part of the program.