Dining Service Board Plans, Polar Points, and Polar Plus


Board plan data, including meal and point balances is programmed onto your OneCard which is required to access the dining operations. For more information about Board Plans, check Dining's Board Plans & Policies website.

Please note that Dining Policy now requires you to present your OneCard at all meals. If you do not have your OneCard, you will be asked for another form of photo ID (at dining halls), or your transaction will be denied (at Smith Union dining operations).

The 19, 14, 10 and 9 meal plans include a weekly allocation of meals and a cash component called "points".  The Declining Balance plan is an all-points plan.  Points enable students to bring guests to the dining halls or purchase a la carte food and non-alcoholic beverages at Smith Union dining operations.  A dining checker will scan your card to reduce your balance based on your dining hall visit or food purchase. 

Points not used at the end of each semester are forfeited.

When board plan points are exhausted, cash or OneCard funds may be used for meal or food purchases.  OneCard funds may be used to buy food before meal plans start, after they end, during breaks and for non-food purchases.

Faculty and Staff

Benefits-eligible faculty and staff can sign up for a Polar Plus Account to use their OneCard to purchase meals in dining halls and make purchases at the grill, cafe, and convenience store. To set up a Polar Plus Account, contact Human Resources.

Summer Program Participants

Summer Programs participants will generally have meals in dining halls as part of their program. See your Program Coordinator for details.