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Meet the Professional Staff of the OCS Office

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Christine Wintersteen, Director of Off-Campus Study and International Programs – Christine has been working in the field of international education since 1998, first with a program provider managing study abroad programs in Latin America and the Caribbean, and then joined the OCS office in 2009. Originally from Vermont, she earned her B.A. from Beloit College in Wisconsin and an M.A. degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from New York University. She has studied abroad in Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Brazil and has traveled extensively throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe.


Kate Myall, Assistant Director of Off-Campus Study, Student Fellowships Advisor– Kate earned an A.B. from Smith College, encompassing two years of international study at the University of St. Andrews, University of Edinburgh, and Queen's University's International Study Centre in East Sussex. Kate worked at an archaeological dig in the UK for three seasons and lived in Ireland before coming to Bowdoin in 2009. She can boast that she’s lived in two castles and near three others!

Our advising approach:

  • Assist students in purposefully identifying a program or institution that enriches their academics, exposes them to new models and arenas of learning, and integrates into their Bowdoin experience.

  • Encourage students to venture into newness, thereby cultivating independence and establishing global connections.

  • Foster students’ confidence in facing ambiguity of a world in flux.

  • Promote reflection through which students acquire increased cultural understanding of themselves and their commitment to the common good.

  • Engender students’ on-going intentionality and ownership in all aspects of the pre-departure, on-site, and re-entry stages of off-campus study.

  • Design and host opportunities for students to articulate how off-campus study enabled them to achieve academic and personal goals.

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