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Return to Brunswick

"The best advice I have heard and can give about returning from study abroad is to incorporate aspects of what you have done abroad to life back in the states. Whether this be through food, language, a class, club, or independent study it is extremely valuable to continue things you have done abroad so that your experience becomes a part of you, not just something you did for a few months."

"Expect that the transition back may be more of a culture shock than actually studying away. If you can take one class or do an activity back on campus after being away that is at all related to your abroad experience/country/travels, it can really help to tie your recent adventures with your Bowdoin experience. Also, don't be afraid to talk with friends and reminisce as much as possible!"

"Bring back room decorations to merge your new campus home with your abroad home.

Keep in touch with your host family from abroad and your international friends so that you maintain the potentially lifelong relationships you made while away."

"Approach Bowdoin like you would approach a weekend trip abroad. Get outside. Do something, do everything. By the time you get back from study off campus, you only have so much time left at Bowdoin. Take your attitude from abroad and get the most out of Bowdoin that you can."