Off-Campus Study

Program Options List


Students are normally expected to select from the options list, which is designed to meet the great majority of academic needs. The programs on the list, over a hundred in number, have been used successfully by Bowdoin students in the past and continue to be recommended by academic departments. (The term program is used conventionally for any of the many types of option on the list, from direct university enrollment to programs that run all their own courses; a large organization, such as API, Arcadia, CIEE, IES, IFSA-Butler, etc., that offers several programs is sometimes referred to as a program provider.) We select the most suitable program for our needs in any location to which more than an occasional student is likely to need to go. The list excludes programs whose curriculum is too dissimilar to Bowdoin's to offer enough courses for which credit can be transferred; or whose housing and social arrangements do not permit Bowdoin students to become properly integrated into the institution and the culture of the host country. We keep our knowledge of programs current through student evaluation forms and faculty visits. Programs may be added to or removed from the list as more appropriate opportunities emerge.

Follow the links from the options list to the programs' and universities' websites to research their offerings and see whether the program is suited to your own strengths. Most of these programs (and some universities) focus on or are strongest in specific disciplines, and will not be appropriate for all students. In the OCS office, you will find lists of students from each major who have participated in the various programs we use, and their printed program evaluations and general advice. Work closely with the staff of the OCS Office and with faculty in the department of your intended major(s). Please also bear in mind, especially if you went to the October Off-Campus Study Fair, that most study abroad organizations run numerous programs and publicize them widely, but you will almost never find all of any organization's programs on Bowdoin's list, as we either have insufficient experience with them or have identified more suitable options.

Programs are listed by region. "Period" indicates the Bowdoin academic period for which there is an option of equivalent duration. (F=fall, S=spring, Y=full year; letters in parentheses if restrictions exist.) Take care to find out the exact term dates, including exams.

Program Period Notes
Pitzer in Botswana F/S/(Y) Intensive Setswana study, family stays, fieldwork, core course in regional cooperative development, university seminars, directed independent study project. Affiliated with U. of Botswana. (16 semester credits.)
Middlebury in Cameroon F/S/(Y) University enrollment for students with advanced French; based in Yaounde at the Université catholique de l’Afrique centrale. Home stays. (5 units.)
U.S. Travel warning issued 8/15/13. Please contact the OCS office for information about alternate study abroad locations if interested in Egypt.
CIEE, Ghana F/S/Y Program at U. of Ghana. Courses in Twi language, West African studies, social sciences, humanities, arts. Volunteer opportunities. Requires 3.0 GPA. (15-18 semester credits.)
St. Lawrence University, Kenya Semester F/S Courses in Kiswahili, Culture, Ecology and Development in East Africa, electives. Based in Nairobi, but with field trips and rural homestays. (4.5 SLU units.)
SIT, Madagascar (Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management) F/S Field study program based in Fort Dauphin. Intensive French, independent study project. Homestays. (16 semester credits.)
SIT, Morocco (Multiculturalism and Human Rights) F/S Based in Rabat, with educational excursions to other parts of country. Intensive Modern Standard Arabic, independent study project. Homestays. (16 semester credits.)
Augsburg Center for Global Education, Semester in Namibia F/S Focuses on development, apartheid and colonialism, globalization. Courses include Political Science, Religion, History. Based in Windhoek. Group trip to South Africa. Homestays in Windhoek and rural area. (16 semester credits.)
CIEE, Dakar F/S/Y Based at l'Université Cheikh Anta Diop and Baobab Center, in busy city. Courses in French, Wolof, social sciences, humanities. Homestay. Volunteer opportunities. 2 semesters French required. (15 semester credits.)
Wells College, Dakar S Introductory Wolof and French-immersion curriculum in language, literature, history, philosophy, sociology and arts. Homestays. (15 semester credits.)
South Africa
University of Cape Town F/S/Y Prestigious university in beautiful, vibrant city. Mostly shared student apartments. Voluntary service available. Enrollment only through CIEE. (16-18 credits/sem=70-82 HEQF.)
OTS, South Africa F/S Semester program in African Ecology, mostly based in Kruger National Park. Run by Organization for Tropical Studies, managed by Duke University. (4 courses.)
SIT, Tanzania (Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology) F/S Field study program based in Arusha. Intensive Swahili, independent study project. Homestays. (16 semester credits.)
SIT, Tanzania (Zanzibar - Coastal Ecology) F/S Field study program based in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Intensive Swahili, independent study project. Homestays. (16 semester credits.)
School for Field Studies, Tanzania (Wildlife Management) F/S Research-based program focusing on range and wildlife ecology, as well as human-wildlife conflict and competition around national parks. NOTE: program will not be running Spring 2013. (18 semester credits.)

Associated Colleges in China, Beijing F/S/Y Intensive Chinese language program hosted by Capital U. of Economics & Business. Language pledge. Min. 1 year college-level Chinese required. (4 Hamilton course units/16 semester credits.)
CET, Beijing F/S/Y Language program for advanced students, at Beijing Inst. of Education; Chinese Studies for other levels at Capital Normal U. Small classes. Chinese roommates. (17-20 hours/week.)
CET, Harbin F/S/Y For high intermediate and advanced students. At Harbin Inst. of Technology. One-on-one and one-on-two instruction, small classes. Chinese roommates, language pledge. (19-20 hours/week.)
Chinese University of Hong Kong, International Asian Studies Program F/S/Y Large university offering courses in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Courses in Chinese, Asian and International Studies. (15-16 semester credits.)
Waseda University (Y) Prestigious Tokyo-based university with classes taught in English at the School of International Liberal Studies. Dormitory with other international students. (16-18 semester credits.)
IES, Nagoya F/S/Y Based at Nanzan U. Center for Japanese Studies. Intensive Japanese language, area studies courses taught in English. Off-site orientation, field trips. Homestay or dormitory housing. (15-16 semester credits.)
Japan Center for Michigan Universities F/S/Y In Hikone, Shiga Prefecture. Beginning to advanced Japanese language, with electives in English. Homestay or apartment accommodation. (16 credits: language course + 2 electives.)
Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (F)/(S)/Y 2-semester program (limited single-semester options), managed by Columbia. Core Japanese language course; English- and Japanese-language courses in humanities and social sciences. Homestays or apartments. Requires 2 years of Japanese language. (16 semester credits.)
Yonsei University F/S/Y Prestigious university in dynamic city of Seoul. Korean language and wide variety of university courses taught in English. Enrollment recommended through CIEE. (15 semester credits.)
South Asia:
South India Term Abroad (SITA), Madurai, Tamil Nadu F/S/(Y) Tamil Language, history, religion, literature, social and cultural issues, independent study. Host families. Tours of several regions in South India. (16 semester credits.)
SIT, Nepal (Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples) F/S Based in Kathmandu, conducted in Tibetan and Himalayan communities in Nepal. Homestay. (16 semester credits).
Sri Lanka
Intercollegiate Sri Lanka Education (ISLE), Kandy F/S Affiliated with U. of Peradeniya. Language study, history, Buddhist philosophy & practice, social & gender issues, literature & folklore, politics, economics, dance, ind. study. Homestays. (4 courses.)
CIEE, Khon Kaen F/S Courses in Thai language, Development and the Environment, Social Research Methods. Directed Research project. Peer tutoring program. Apartment with Thai roommate. (15 semester credits.)

IES, Vienna F/S/Y German language; area courses in English. Music program. Enrollment at U. of Vienna for qualified students. Housing in apartments, homestays, or student residence halls. (15-16 semester credits.)
Czech Republic
CHP (Collegium Hieronymi Pragensis) European Studies Program, Prague F/S Small, selective program with courses in social sciences, humanities, Czech language and culture. (5 courses.)
CET Prague, Film Production F/S Small, hands-on filmmaking course with classes taught in English at FAMU, the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Students collaborate to produce short films. An introductory class on Czech language is required at the start of the semester. Apartment living with Czech roommates. (15 semester credits - 6 FAMU/ 3 US + 12 CET.)
Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), Copenhagen F/S/Y Linked with U. of Copenhagen. Humanities & Social Sciences, EU Politics, Pre-Architecture, Marine Biology/Ecology, Molecular Biology/Genetics, Medical Practice/Policy, Child Development. Homestay, folkehojskole, and kollegium student residence halls. DIS shared aparments are not permitted. (15-16 semester credits.)
Dickinson in France, Toulouse S/Y Based at France's second largest university, U. de Toulouse. All courses taught in French, in full array of university subjects. Field trips, cultural events. Homestays. (4.5-5 Dickinson credits.)
Hamilton College Junior Year in France, Paris (F)/(S)/Y Combination of university and in-house courses. Directed by Hamilton French professors. Single-semester options limited, mostly for science majors. Homestays. Recommended by Bowdoin French faculty; also good Art History offerings. (8 courses per year.)
IES, Nantes (F)/S/Y In one of France's "most livable" cities, with few Americans. French language & literature, history, psychology, government, etc. Courses in French at IES center; at U. de Nantes in select disciplines. Homestays, field trips. French-only policy at center. (15-16 semester credits.)
Middlebury School in France (Bordeaux, Paris, Poitiers) (F)/S/Y All courses in French. Paris: Courses offered at both the Middlebury Center and several French host universities. Poitiers and Bordeaux: Direct enrollment in French host universities. Co-curricular activities offered by program. All students honor a French language pledge. Housing in homestays or student residences. (5 courses for semester/9 for full year.)
Bowdoin Sciences Po Lyon Exchange S/Y Two tracks: French-immersion program or an English-language program (French language and English-taught area studies courses). The institution is particularly suitable for students with an interest in social sciences, international relations, government and political studies. Two-week language and cultural orientation before the start of the regular semester. Apartments and homestays. Inquire and apply directly with OCS office. (160-180 hours per semester.)
Vassar-Wesleyan in Paris F/S/Y Intensive French program. Taught in French, at Reid Hall and Paris univs/institutes. Pre-semester language/orientation session. Homestays encouraged. French majors going to Paris should opt for the full year. (5 courses fall, 4 spring.)
Antioch in Germany, Tübingen S/Y Based at Eberhard Karls Universität in Tübingen. Intensive pre-semester preparation and orientation. Wide range of courses in German at university. Accommodation in German student houses. (16 semester credits.)
IES, Berlin (Language & Area Studies) F/S/Y
IES, Berlin (Metropolitan Studies) F/S/Y
IES, Freiburg (Language & Area Studies) F/S/Y Medium-sized German city near the Black Forrest with courses taught by program and direct-enroll opportunities at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität. Residence halls with German and international students. (15-16 semester credits.)
IES, Freiburg (Enviro. Studies & Sustainability) F/S/Y English-taught program specializing in Environmental Studies with Economics and Government course offerings to supplement the ES perspective. Integrated field studies to surrounding area including the Alps. Residence halls with German and international students. (15-16 semester credits.)
IES, European Union F/S/Y In Freiburg. Focus on EU, with Economics, IR, Government. Field-study to European cities. No German req. for admission; beginning/intermed. mandatory on program. German student residences. (15-16 semester credits.)
Wayne State University, Munich (S)/Y Affiliated with top-ranked Ludwig Maximilian Univ. of Munich. All courses taught in German at JYM Center or through university enrollment. Dormitories with German students. (15 semester credits.)
College Year in Athens F/S/Y Classical art and archaeology, ancient history, literature; also political science, Byzantine and modern history, modern Greek, ethnography, IR, etc. Study tours. Shared student apartments. (4 courses.)
Budapest Semesters in Mathematics F/S/Y Courses mostly in pure mathematics taught in English by eminent Hungarian professors. Introduction to Hungarian language at start of program. (16 semester credits - 20-22 contact hours/week.)
Trinity College, Dublin F/S/Y Ireland's oldest university, est. 1592. Enrollment 12,000. Wide range of subjects, but students may take courses in no more than two schools or faculties. Housing in dormitories or student flats. 3.3 GPA required. (60 units per year.)
University College Cork (NUI Cork) (F)/S/Y In Ireland's second largest city, enrollment 14,000. Strong in a variety of disciplines. Certificate in Irish Studies offered. Fall students take one of several "Early Start" programs. Student apartments. (30 units per year.)
National University of Ireland, Galway F/S/Y University of 13,000 in expanding city of 65,000. Strong course offerings in a variety of disciplines. Housing in self-catering student flats. (30 ECTS.)
Boston University, Padova F/S/Y Intensive language study, university courses, in historic city 20 miles W of Venice. Intermediate and Advanced programs. Italian university faculty. Individual study projects, homestays. (16 semester credits.)
Brown in Bologna F/S/Y Full immersion program at U. of Bologna (founded 1088, 90,000+ students). Brown office in Bologna. Student dorms. Limited space; full year preferred. (4 Brown credits.)
CET, History of Art in Siena F/S/Y Affiliated with U. per Stranieri di Siena. Italian language, beginner to advanced; art history (recommended for majors). Italian roommates. Siena a quieter location than Florence. (4 courses/15 semester credits.)

Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, Rome


Roman art, archaeology, history; Greek & Roman literature; Italian language; Renaissance & baroque Italian art. Strong classical language skills required. (16 semester credits.)

IES, Milan


Beginning/Intermediate and Advanced Italian programs. Area studies courses taught in English and Italian. Enrollment at Milan universities and music conservatory for qualified students. Housing in apartments with Italian roommates. (15-16 semester credits.)

IES, Rome


Beginning/Intermediate and Advanced Italian programs (four or more semesters) offered. Area studies taught in English and Italian. Enrollment at Rome universities for qualified students and field trips throughout the semester. Housing with Italian roommates or other abroad students available. (15-16 semester credits.)

Middlebury in Ferrara S/Y Courses at U. of Ferrara (founded 1391, enr. 12,000) in relatively tourist-free city. Suitable for advanced, independent student. 5 semesters Italian required. Language pledge. Full year preferred. (4 Middlebury credits.)
SACI, Florence F/S/(Y) Strong visual arts and art history program based in two Florentine palazzos. Unique, location-specific course offerings and student exhibitions at the end of each semester. Apartments. (15 semester credits.)
Temple University, Rome F/S/Y Recommended for Visual Arts; other courses include Art History, Art conservation. Italian language courses. Student apts. (15-16 semester credits.)
Trinity College, Rome Campus F/S Courses include Italian language, Art History, Art Conservation, History, IR, Economics, Classics. Dormitory-style housing. (4.5 course credits.)
Vassar - Wellesley - Wesleyan, Bologna F/S/Y Small program. Intensive pre-semester language/orientation session. Courses taught by Italian faculty; qualified students may enrol at U. degli Studi Bologna. Housing in apts. with Italian students. At least 2 semesters of college-level Italian required. (3 course units + 2 required half-unit courses.)
University Center in Svalbard, Longyearbyen F/S/(Y) Field station based program in the high arctic with English-taught classes specializing in ES, EOS, and Arctic studies. Barack-style dormitory. (30 ECTS.)
ACTR, Russian Language and Area Studies: Moscow; St. Petersburg; Vladimir F/S/Y Based at Moscow International U./Moscow Linguistics U./Russian State Pedagogical U., St. Petersburg/CORA, Vladimir. Intensive language study. Homestay or university dormitory housing. 2 years minimum college-level Russian required. (15-16 credits/4 Bryn Mawr course units.)
Middlebury in Russia: Irkutsk; Moscow; Yaroslavl F/S/Y All courses taught in Russian, by host-university instructors. Direct enrollment for advanced students. Language pledge. Homestays. 4 semesters college-level Russian required. (4 Middlebury credits.)
BCA, Barcelona (F)/S/Y Based at U. of Barcelona and BCA program center. All courses taught in Spanish. 4 semesters college-level Spanish required. Homestays. (15-16 semester credits.)
IES, Granada F/S/Y For intermediate and advanced Spanish students, with courses at U. of Granada for advanced students. IES courses in Islamic heritage of Spain. (15-16 semester credits.)
IES, Madrid (F)/S/Y All courses taught in Spanish. Enrollment option at U. Complutense de Madrid. Special curriculum for bilingual students. 4/5 semesters college-level Spanish required. Homestays, limited places in student apartments and residences. (15-16 semester credits.)
IES, Salamanca F/S/Y Courses taught in Spanish by university faculty. Enrollment at U. de Salamanca. 4/5 semesters college-level Spanish required. Homestays; residence hall option for full-year students. (15-16 semester credits.)
Sweet Briar College, Seville F/S/Y Courses taught in Spanish by U. de Sevilla professors; university enrollment option. 5 semesters college-level Spanish required. Homestays. (15 semester credits.)
Swedish Program, Stockholm F/S/Y Comparative study of institutional organization and public policy. Courses include Swedish language (required), Women & Swedish Society, Swedish & European Film, Politics & Nationalism in Eastern Europe, and Environmental Policy. (4 courses.)
SIT Switzerland, Global Health and Development Policy F/S Geneva-based program with English-taught core class on public health, policy, and related organizations, as well as French language class and independent study project. Educational excursions to Morocco and Bern. Previous experience with French not required. Homestays. (16 semester credits.)
United Kingdom
Advanced Studies in England, Bath F/S/Y Excellent humanities academics in a program setting with opportunities to study under Oxford professors. Recommended for history, literature, creative writing, classics, and education. Apartments. (16 credits - 4 seminars or 3 seminars + 1 tutorial.)
BADA (British-American Drama Academy), London Theatre Program F/S Conservatory-style theater program; masterclasses with leading British actors. Production at end of term. Admission by audition. (15 semester credits.)
University of Cambridge Y Top-ranked university on trimester system. Early deadline. Admission to one of many constituent colleges, mostly through IFSA-Butler. (1 primary  & 1 secondary supervision per term.)
University of East Anglia F/S/Y Newer campus outside small medieval city of Norwich. Semester system. Highly rated Creative Writing, ES. (60 credits.)
University of Edinburgh F/S/Y Prestigious university in Scottish capital with large, diverse student population. Wide range of courses. (60 credits.)
University of Glasgow F/S/Y In Scotland's lively largest city. Subject strengths include Computer Science, History, Theology. (60 credits.)
U. of London, Goldsmiths College S/Y Campus in working-class area of SE London, short train journey to city center. Famous for Visual Arts. (36 credits/yr; 20 credits/spring+summer trimester.)
U. of London, King's College F/S/Y Central London location. Strong departments include Classics, History, War Studies, Health & Life Sciences. Full year preferred for housing. (16 semester credits.)
U. of London, London School of Economics and Political Science Y Popular but selective General Course allows enrollment in any regular LSE class. Recommended for Economics majors, but many other strong departments in social sciences. (4 full-year courses.)
Oxford University Y Prestigious and selective university. Early deadline. Trimester system; full year strongly recommended. Admission is to one of many constituent colleges, directly or through third-party provider. (1 primary & 1 secondary tutorial per term.)
Queen's University, Belfast F/S/Y Good university in rebounding city. Wide range of courses. Pre-session courses offered through Institute of Irish Studies. (3 courses (modules)/semester.)
University of St Andrews F/S/Y Fine university in beautiful small city on Scottish coast north of Edinburgh. Large international student body. Strong departments include Art History, Psychology, IR. (60 credits.)

Middle East
Consult OCS staff on special conditions and options in the Middle East.
Egypt (see under Africa)
Hebrew University of Jerusalem F/S/Y Courses in English at Rothberg International School, with Ulpan (Intensive Hebrew, required). Favored by Religion majors. (15 semester credits.)
CIEE, Amman F/S Arabic language and culture program, with courses in Arabic, anthropology, history, economics, literature, religion, archaeology, ES, political science. Volunteer opportunities. Host family or apartment accommodation. (15-16 semester credits.)

James Cook University, Townsville F/S/Y Small city in Queensland. Well-reputed marine and tropical biology, with access to Great Barrier Reef. (12 units.)
University of Melbourne F/S/Y Very good university in culturally lively city. Popular with US students; housing tight. (50 credits.)
School for Field Studies, Australia (Tropical Rainforest Management) F/S Study of rainforest management and conservation at SFS's field station in Yungaburra, Queensland. (16 semester credits.)
SIT, Australia (Sustainability and Environmental Action) F/S Studies of environmental sustainability from base in Byron Bay. Seminar, independent study project. (16 semester credits.)
University of Sydney F/S/Y Very good university in large city. Hard to obtain housing apart from US students. (22-24 credits.)
University of Tasmania, Hobart F/S/Y Attractive for students who prefer small city and island location, with environmental interests. Very strong Visual Arts. (4 units.)
New Zealand
Frontiers Abroad F/S ES and EOS field programs with field work and university components. Field stations and campus accommodations. (5wk. Field camp + methods + ind study + 2 Univ courses.)
University of Auckland F/S/Y Top-ranked university of 40,000 students in cosmopolitan city on North Island. (60 points.)
University of Otago, Dunedin F/S/Y Small city in beautiful part of South Island. Strengths include biology, geology, anthropology. Smaller Maori presence than on North Island. (60 credits.)

Central and South America; Caribbean
IFSA-Butler, Buenos Aires F/S/Y Courses at four Buenos Aires universities. Homestays. 5 semesters college-level Spanish required. (15-16 credits.)
IFSA-Butler, Mendoza F/S/Y Based at U. Nacional de Cuyo in smaller city of Mendoza. Strong offerings in arts and humanities. Courses taught in Spanish by Argentine professors. Homestays. 2 years college-level Spanish required. (15-16 credits - up to 20 credits with B approval.)
CIEE, Rio de Janeiro (Liberal Arts) F/S/Y Enrollment at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro campus. Each semester begins with a Pre-Term Intensive Language and Culture Program (ILCP) to prepare for Portugese-taught university courses. 2 semesters of Portugese or 4 semesters of Spanish. Homestays. (15-17 semester credits.)
IFSA-Butler, Chilean Universities Program F/S/Y Enrollment in universities in Santiago or Valparaíso. Homestay. 4 semesters Spanish required. (15 semester credits.)
SIT, Chile (Cultural Identity, Social Justice and Community Development) F/S Based in Valparaíso. Seminar, Field Study, Intensive Spanish, Indep. Study Project. Homestay. 3 semesters college-level Spanish required. (16 semester credits.)
Middlebury in Chile F/S/Y University enrollment for students with advanced Spanish: U. de Chile and Pontificia U. Católica de Chile (Santiago); U. Austral de Chile (Valdivia); U. de Concepción; U. de Valparaíso. Housing in private homes, student residences. (5 courses.)
Costa Rica
Organization for Tropical Studies, Costa Rica (Tropical Biology on a Changing Planet Semester) F/S Semester program based at three biological field stations in different ecological zones. 2 semesters college-level Spanish required. Dormitory/cabin housing. (16 semester credits.)
Organization for Tropical Studies, Costa Rica (Global Health Semester: Tropical Medicine and Public Health) F/S Semester program designed primarily for pre-med, biology, public health, and natural science majors to be trained in research in the areas of tropical medicine and public health in Costa Rica. 2 semesters college-level Spanish required. Dormitory/cabin housing. (16 semester credits.)
Dominican Republic
CIEE, Santo Domingo F/S/Y Courses for advanced Spanish students (5 semesters of college-level Spanish required), at CIEE Center, university and other educational institutions. Caribbean studies track and volunteer opportunities available. Homestay accommodation. (15-18 semester credits.)
SIT, Ecuador (Comparative Ecology and Conservation) F/S Based in Quito, with visit to Galápagos. Seminar, Field Study, Intensive Spanish, Independent Study Project. Homestays. 4 semesters college-level Spanish and background in Biology or ES required. (16 semester credits.)
Augsburg CGE, Mexico F/S Based in Cuernavaca. "Gender, and Social Change in Mesoamerica," fall; "Social Justice, Gender, and the Environment in Latin America," spring. Trips to El Salvador (fall), Guatemala (spring). Homestays. 1 year college-level Spanish required. (16 semester credits.)
IFSA-Butler, Mérida F/S At renowned U. Autónoma de Yucatán, near outstanding archaeological sites. Anthropology strong. All courses taught in Spanish. Homestays. 4 semesters college-level Spanish required. (15-16 semester credits.)
SIT, Panama (Tropical Ecology, Marine Ecosystems, and Biodiversity Conservation) F/S Based in Panama City. Homestay. Biology/ES prerequisites, and three semesters of college-level Spanish. (16 semester credits.)
IFSA-Butler, Lima F/S/Y Study at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. Strong community service options. Host family housing. 5 semesters college-level Spanish required. (15-17 semester credits.)

(some programs include component abroad)
American University, Washington Semester F/S On A.U.'s Tenley campus in DC. American Politics, Economic Policy, Foreign Policy, International Environment & Development, Justice, Peace & Conflict Resolution, Public Law. Students nominated by Prof. J. Martin in Government. (16 semester credits.)
Marine Biological Laboratory, Semester in Environmental Science, Woods Hole F At MBL's Ecosystems Center. Two core lecture and laboratory courses, Aquatic Ecosystems and Terrestrial Ecosystems, plus one of several electives. Independent team research projects. (4 courses.)
SEA Semester, Woods Hole, MA F/S Maritime policy, history, literature, navigation, oceanography. Shore session in Woods Hole, sailing component in Atlantic or Pacific. (4 courses.)
Twelve College Exchange:
Amherst, Connecticut, Dartmouth, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Trinity, Vassar, Wellesley, and Wheaton Colleges, and Wesleyan University
F/S/Y Apply through OCS. Space limits at some colleges. Note Dartmouth trimester calendar. Strong departments include Engineering at Dartmouth, Women's Studies at all-women colleges.
Dual Degree Engineering at Dartmouth
Y Apply through OCS. Spend your junior year at Dartmouth enrolled in interdisclipinary and innovative, project-based coursework in the Thayer School of Engineering. Return after graduation for 5th year and dual degree. (3 courses per trimester.)
Williams College-Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program F/S Interdisciplinary semester focused on the world's oceans with courses in history, marine sciences, environmental policy, and literature of the sea. Based in Mystic CT, with traditional sailing component. Part of Twelve College Exchange, but with its own application process. (4 courses.)
National Theater Institute F/S At Eugene O'Neill Theater Center. Courses in acting, directing, playwriting, movement, voice, design. Part of Twelve College Exchange through Connecticut College, but with its own application process. (20 semester credits.)