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Students should arrange for sufficient health and accident insurance for the entire time studying away, including any pre- or post- travel time. All Bowdoin students must be enrolled in a health insurance plan, either through the Bowdoin plan, a family plan, program plan, or combination thereof. Choice of insurance and benefits depend on the location and facilities of their program and host country.

Note: OCS students will be automatically enrolled in the Bowdoin College Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan, unless they show that they have comparable coverage to the Bowdoin plan for both emergency and non-emergency services, in which case they can waive the Bowdoin coverage. Information about enrolling or waiving the Bowdoin plan can be found at the Student Health Insurance webpage or the Gallagher Koster website.

Some FYI’s about insurance and OCS:

  • If you will be off campus for the fall semester only and waive coverage in the Bowdoin Plan while away, you can purchase Bowdoin's coverage upon return for the spring semester only.
  • If you will be off campus for the full year, you must either purchase or waive coverage for the entire year; you may not change your coverage mid-year unless you have a qualifying event.
  • If you will be off campus for the spring semester only, you must either purchase or waive coverage for the entire year (i.e., there is no fall-only plan).

Many private optional plans exist for those who desire additional medical coverage. Additional coverage for lost or stolen property and baggage, and trip cancellation or interruption may be arranged by the student with private companies of their choosing. Past students have arranged coverage through the International Student Identity Card (ISIC website).