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Leaving Bowdoin

Once you've been approved for off-campus study, you need to get ready for your time away! Being prepared to study off campus requires being diligent and proactive about deadlines and forms, which are your responsibility to complete. On this website, we've provided some general tips and resources to help you plan your trip.

More importantly, your abroad experience is going to be a huge opportunity for growth. Before leaving, take some time to reflect and think deliberately about why you are going to study off campus, what your goals are during your time off campus, and what your position as an American study-away student means in the context of the country that you'll be visiting. You owe it to yourself to make your off-campus experience a meaningful one!

First steps:

Living Abroad

The journey might be the destination, as they say, but the destination is also a journey!

Upon arrival to your program/university, please let someone at home or Bowdoin know that you’ve made it safely.

Next, fill out the two required OCS forms. These forms are short, mandatory, and online, not to mention critical to your academic approval and support in case of emergency. These forms are your responsibility to complete in a timely manner! Complete instructions are available at the start of each form.

Please reference our International Travel Handbook as a resource for Bowdoin students traveling abroad, either as part of an off-campus study semester or summer, or an international research opportunity, travel grant, or any other international travel associated with Bowdoin.

Connect with students off-campus

Click here for a list of Bowdoin students studying off-campus currently and in recent semesters. Please note: this information is only available to members of the Bowdoin community.