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Why Study Off-Campus?

The Purpose of Off-Campus Study:

Off-Campus study broadens and enriches off-campus Bowdoin education through study opportunities at diverse institutions and programs (link to options list) around the world. We believe that exposure to and engagement with our culturally diverse and interconnected world is critical to the mission of providing a twenty-first liberal arts education. Students who intentionally integrate their off-campus experience into their undergraduate degree are best able to make these opportunities meaningful and contribute to their on-going learning and development. 

Reasons to study off-campus vary individually, but we regularly encounter Bowdoin students who seek academic, personal, and cultural experiences. Off-campus study is often a unique catalyst to achieve these goals—an intense, richly rewarding, and immersive time of exploration and self-discovery!

These are some of the reasons Bowdoin students who've studied away say they've done so:

"Studying off-campus is a personal decision for everyone, but consider this: Studying off-campus while at Bowdoin will likely be the only opportunity you have to travel to a new city or country independently, yet still have the safety net, protection, and guidance of Bowdoin with you should you need it. And it also allows you to explore new perspectives and try new things on your own, where you can decide who you want to be and what you want to do out there in the real world."

"The primary value I have taken out of study abroad is the perspective that living in a different part of the world has given me. Going abroad not only gave me a new perspective on foreign nations, it gave me a new perspective on life at home and at Bowdoin. Sometimes it takes studying in another place to realize how privileged Bowdoin students are to be at this school. I also realized that Bowdoin is an extremely unique place and the lessons of hard work that we learn here can be applied anywhere."

"Study abroad allows you to study yourself — how you operate in novel environments and how you react to people who don’t necessarily think the same way you do. It’s also a great opportunity to perfect the selfie with world-famous landmarks as your backdrop!"