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Where should I study off campus?

The Options List

There are about 100 programs on the Options List. Use the search function to start researching these options, then talk with OCS about which to select. (Search by region, major/minor, language instruction, program model and semester.)

Students should always start with the Options List; however, if there is difficulty finding the "right" program, come talk to OCS. We can help you research and vet the program, and explain the petition process if the program seems appropriate. While we can’t always accommodate petition requests we find students who petition are often very thoughtful about their interests and we do our best to work with each individual find the right fit!

OCS collects evaluations from every student who studies off-campus. In it they review their program overall, academics, housing, cultural opportunities, and overall experience. Come into our Moulton 116 office to read these useful evaluations.

Students should choose courses that integrate with their studies at Bowdoin, that might not be taught at Bowdoin, that connect to the host place/institution, and that sound interesting! Remember, to earn general credit students must take a full course load in liberal arts subjects. If major/minor credit is desired students should check their departmental requirements.