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Away for a Summer

There is no Options List for summer away students. The semester/year Options List includes many reputable international education institutions, many of which offer summer programs. OCS does collect evaluations for summer programs and can do our best to help students vet them.

Students seeking credit for international summer study, must complete an "Application for Transfer of Credit" form and return to OCS by April 1 (prior to the summer study).

Some considerations when choosing a summer program should be academics, location, credits and cost.

  • Choose an accredited institution that, preferably, has hosted NESCAC-type students before. 
  • Choose a place of interest that will enhance your academic goals (language, field research, museums, etc).
  • Many summer programs award surprisingly little credit; look on the "Application for Transfer of Credit" form from the Registrar's office so that you know exactly how much Bowdoin credit you'll earn.
  • Be aware that there is no financial aid through Bowdoin to support summer study away and students/families must pay all program costs, flights and related expenses themselves. Some programs do have summer scholarships, but be aware these tend to be limited.

Well-known international education institutions:

  • API
  • Arcadia
  • CIEE
  • DIS
  • IFSA-Butler
  • IES
  • SIT

If you have any questions about summer study, check out our Summer Programs FAQ.