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Other Ways to Have an International Experience

While at Bowdoin

Beyond these study abroad opportunities, there are various means of going abroad. Here's a list of opportunities and resources for you to consider:

And remember: there are lots of opportunities for international experiences while at Bowdoin! First of all, Bowdoin itself is incredibly international with many international students, language tables, cultural clubs, Bowdoin’s art and arctic museums, and classes or lectures with international perspectives. Not to mention all the fine culinary/cultural establishments in Brunswick from Gelato Fiasco to our thirteen Asian restaurants to foreign film screenings at Frontier!

After Bowdoin

OCS is happy to work with students interested in going abroad after Bowdoin as unofficial advisors and supporters. We love talking with students about their interests, skills and international experiences, and can sometimes help brainstorm ideas or connect students to other resources.

To get you started, here's a list of resources for you to consider:

Voices from abroad: An International Life after Bowdoin