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Registration of Intent — online form due November 1

This is a non-binding, online form that begins the OCS process, facilitates a conversation between student and faculty about academics and timing, and introduces students to their options. This form, distributed directly to sophomores via email around October 1st (to others upon request), is typically submitted in the fall of the sophomore year for study away at any point in the junior year. Upon review of all applications, OCS may discover an imbalance in semester-away preference; in this case OCS will inform students and may reassign individuals to another semester unless they can demonstrate an academic/leadership reason for their original preference.

Click here for the form.

Application to study off-campus — two-part submission due February 21 & 23

Part 1: online portion due February 21, 2018

Part 2: paper portion due February 23, 2018

In this process, a student requests Bowdoin’s approval to study at a chosen program/institution for a given term in the upcoming academic year. The form is in two parts: an online portion and paper portion. Online, students indicate a program/university and submit two short essays about this selection and their goals for study away (read our online application guide here). These forms will be available during the major declaration period only. On paper, students indicate which classes they hope to take during this time and receive a sign off from a faculty member in each intended major department; if major/minor credit is desired then a faculty member from that area of study must also sign off on that particular class (view our paper application example here).  OCS will inform students of their approval (or any problems) typically within one week on the final deadline. (Review the OCS Eligibility and Participation Requirements).

If petitioning, both are due February 7, 2018. 

Petition form — online form due February 7

This is only for students wishing to attend a program off the options list. The petition process requires meeting with OCS before the deadline. Book an appointment. The form itself is embedded within the normal OCS online application (see tab above for link.)

Program Change Form--before March 15 for fall/year; before October 1 for spring

  • Students are permitted to request a modification of their chosen study away program/university by submitting this form and an attached explanation to the OCS office. Only programs/universities on the Options List will be approved. Any request to change should be submitted to OCS in enough time to complete an application to the new program on time (no later than March 15th for fall/year away, October 1 for spring away.) We welcome students thinking about changing to meet with us for an advising session.

  • Approval of program changes are made at the OCS office’s discretion and need to be clearly articulated in the attached explanation.

Click here to download the Program Change Form.

Withdrawal Form

  • Students may consider withdrawing from OCS for a variety of reasons. We strive to help students overcome many common obstacles to study away, such as finances, credits, health needs, and much more, so please contact our office first in case we can help resolve any of these factors.

  • If students do need to withdraw, this form must be submitted in order for the OCS office to review the request, circumstances, and submit paperwork to other College offices. It is your responsibility to understand the financial, academic, and personal impact of this change of plans, including informing the program/university of your withdrawal and pursuing any refunds, as well as securing housing and class registration at Bowdoin

Please note: withdrawals are irreversible for that academic year, however students may re-apply to study away the following academic year.

Click here to fill out the withdrawal form.