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Health, Safety, and Travel

Studying abroad is often the first time many students encounter complex and highly-regulated processes, such as obtaining a passport or visa, booking travel, and taking more responsibility for their health and safety. Families can help foster student independence in these processes by educating themselves about what processes a student may encounter or be navigating.

  • Under the “Leaving Bowdoin and Living Away” section of our website, you can review what we are presenting to students directly regarding important pre-departure and on-site matters of health, safety, travel, and more. Please ensure your student is utilizing these, and their program/university’s, resources.
  • We would like to underscore three particular resource areas and ask that you encourage your students to become familiar with them in their preparation to study off-campus. 
  • For any US citizen whose semester off-campus includes international travel (including some “domestic” options such as SEA Semester and the National Theater Institute), ensure your student’s travel is registered with the State Department’s STEP program (LINK).
  • For any student, regardless of citizenship, please know that the College has provided them with a card with policy information about Bowdoin’s Executive Assistance Program (EAP). This is not medical health insurance, but provides an essential extra layer of assistance for those traveling abroad (read the above link for more information). Students should keep the telephone number and policy number on hand at all times when abroad.
  • Bowdoin students must continue to have medical insurance while studying off-campus. For more information, please see our “Insurance” page.