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Benefits of Study Away

"Why is my student leaving Bowdoin to study somewhere else?," you might ask. Good question! Consistently, over 50% of Bowdoin students choose to study away at some point in their Bowdoin career. Students from all majors can pursue academic interests domestically and internationally, enhancing their on-campus studies in a new cultural or academic context, from a large, urban research university to a small, specialized field school miles from WIFI. Each of these opportunities offers incredibly varied challenges and rewards, and students’ goals (and outcomes) are highly individualized. Many students use study away to:

  • take classes they couldn’t take at Bowdoin
  • expand on classes they’ve taken at Bowdoin
  • learn a language (either building on existing learning or starting a new one!)
  • build larger networks abroad and at home (professionally related/maybe)—also fine with deleting?
  • gain confidence in navigating new settings, processes, and cultures
  • become more inspired, independent, international
  • Students who study away from Bowdoin often return with enhanced academic focus, personal capacities, skills that may be desirable to employers, and global perspectives. Though at times hard to articulate immediately, students invariably describe study away as a period of immense personal growth, academic engagement, and clarifying of future goals.