Bowdoin College Museum of Art

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Lesley Vance—Recent Work
This exhibition marks the first solo museum show of work by Los Angeles-based artist Lesley Vance. Known for pushing the limits of representation in her paintings and watercolors, Vance has enjoyed mounting success since her inclusion in the 2010 Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial. (Through July 1, 2012)

Emily Nelligan and Marvin Bileck: On Great Cranberry Island
This exhibition of charcoal drawings by Emily Nelligan and etchings by her late husband, Marvin Bileck, celebrates the natural beauty of Great Cranberry Island, Maine, where the couple summered for more than 50 years. (Through July 1, 2012)

A 7 1/2 minute compilation of Hollywood film clips, Telephones demonstrates the transformative power of Christian Marclay’s editing. Using the narrative arc of a telephone call, he masterfully stitches together excerpts from well-known movies. (Through June 24, 2012)

Building a College Collection: Select Recent Acquisitions
Recent acquisitions on view include works by Ansel Adams, John Marin, Henry Moore, Louise Bourgeois, Martin Puryear, Man Ray, and William Wegman. (Through June 24, 2012)

Motion and Emotion: Contemporary Art from Gerhard Richter to Chakaia Booker
This stellar selection of works by ten of the most discussed contemporary artists explores the subtle relations between the suggestion of physical movement in a work of art and the experience of the viewer of being moved by it. (Through June 3, 2012)

American and European Paintings and Sculpture
This installation features work from the late nineteenth through the mid-twentieth centuries, including pieces by Marsden Hartley, Wassily Kandinsky, Joseph Stella, and Alexander Calder. Among those objects displayed are modern masterworks on long-term loan from the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut. (Long-term installation)

Simply Divine
An installation exploring the spectrum of divinity in the Ancient Mediterranean world. (Long-term installation)

The Renaissance and the Revival of Classical Antiquity
In the spirit of Renaissance humanism, this installation juxtaposes the artistic production of the period with its ancient touchstones. (Long-term installation)

Contemporary Masters
Features postwar works by such internationally renowned artists as Gerhard Richter, Michael Mazur, and Alex Katz. (Long-term installation)

Palace Reliefs
The Assyrian relief sculptures in this exhibition are some of the most extraordinary pieces in the Bowdoin collection. Carved at the behest of the Assyrian king Ashurnasirpal II in the 9th century BCE, these stone panels once decorated the walls of the royal palace in the king's new capital at ancient Kalhu. The reliefs were finished with an overlay of cuneiform listing the king's accomplishments. Together sculpture and text offer a visual narrative of Ashurnasirpal's deeds supported by figures both mortal and divine. His extensive and innovative use of stone décor represented a departure from the styles of his predecessors and set a standard for subsequent Assyrian monarchs. Preserved despite the sack of the palace in late 7th century BCE the Bowdoin reliefs remained buried until their rediscovery in the 1840s, finally making their way to Brunswick in 1860. The works in this exhibition are witnesses to an important era in the history of the ancient Near East and hold a special place in the lore of Bowdoin College. (Long-term installation)

Hawthorne-Longfellow Library

"A New Vitality": Celebrating 40 Years of Coeducation at Bowdoin
This exhibition features documents, photographs, and publications from the Bowdoin College Archives that celebrate the 40th anniversary of coeducation at the College. It chronicles that transitional time and illustrates the ways that women in the Bowdoin community have enriched the fabric of college life throughout history. This exhibition complements the website created by the students in Gender and Women's Studies 240 (more information). Second floor. (Through June 2, 2012)

Kate Furbish's "The Flora of Maine" Third floor. (Ongoing)

A Chamberlain Sampler: From the Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Collection Third floor. (Ongoing)

"...a Peaceful Pursuit": An Exhibition Honoring the Career of Senator George J. Mitchell Third floor. (Ongoing)

Book Sculpture: Transforming Books into Works of Art Third floor. (Ongoing)

Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum

North Pole Personalities
An exhibition about the people who supported Robert E. Peary's efforts to reach the North Pole. One of the five sledges that survived the round trip to the North Pole and rare film footage of Matthew Henson, Peary's invaluable African American assistant, are highlighted. Foyer, Hubbard Hall. (Through June 24, 2012)

Chilling Discoveries About Global Warming
This exhibit features a section of the Greenland ice core and polar climate change research being conducted by Bowdoin College faculty and students. (Ongoing)