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Drew Fulton '06 Exhibits Everglades Photographs

Story posted January 31, 2006

Cypress Sunrise. © 2005 Drew Fulton.

Drew Fulton '06 spent six months last year living in a travel trailer inside Everglades National Park and photographing the Everglades' unique ecosystem: the limitless plains of sawgrass, the whir of wings as birds gathered to roost each evening, the snap of the powerful jaws of an alligator on a turtle's shell.

Fulton has gathered together more than 100 of his most striking Everglades photographs for an exhibition opening this week on the Bowdoin campus.

"Everglades Imagery: Intimate Detail of a Vast Landscape" will be on display Saturday, February 4, through Wednesday, February 15, 2006, in the Kresge Gallery, Visual Arts Center.

An opening reception with the artist will be held Saturday, February 4, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Drew Fulton grew up in Orlando, Florida, and entered Bowdoin College in the fall of 2002. At Bowdoin, he combined his interests in environmental studies, ecology, and photography to form a major of his own design.

Fulton took a leave of absence from Bowdoin in the spring of 2005 and moved to a remote area within Everglades National Park. During this time he snapped 20,000 images in an attempt to capture the essence of the Everglades and the varied habitats of the diverse and subtle environment.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker. © 2005 Drew Fulton.

"I hope that this exhibition provides viewers a glimpse of what makes up the Everglades," Fulton says. "My journey through this overwhelmingly vast landscape was defined by the subtle details of the plants, animals, birds, and insects that were encountered along the way."

By combining a love for the natural world with a thorough understanding of the ecology of his subjects and their behavior, Fulton strives to create unique images that capture not only the essence of the animal but a sense of its place in the greater landscape.

Fulton's photographs are "committed to an accurate depiction of birds and their behaviors, allowing them to assist the scientist engaged in serious research," describes Assistant Professor of Art Michael Kolster. "Yet each of his photos offer a graceful ordering of forms for those who appreciate how generous and beautiful the world can be when carefully observed and depicted in a photograph."

For Fulton, the Everglades proved to be a vastly different type of home from the Bowdoin campus.

American Alligator. © 2005 Drew Fulton.

"Alligators, snakes, birds, and mosquitoes took the place of my fellow students," he notes. "Sweltering heat and humidity pushed the bitter cold of Maine far from my thoughts. I explored prairies, waded through swamps, and hiked in forests. I traveled by foot, car, plane, canoe, and airboat. I shadowed scientists and guided foreign tourists, but mostly I was on my own, experiencing the Everglades as best I could."

To learn more about Fulton's project and to read the daily weblog that he maintained during his time in the Everglades, visit www.evergladesimagery.com.

The Kresge Gallery and the Visual Arts Center are open daily from 8 a.m. to midnight. Admission is free. For more information contact Fulton at afulton@bowdoin.edu or (207) 841-1684.

Read more about Drew Fulton on the Bowdoin Student Profile site.

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