Professor Nyhus' Lab

hit-crlateralCognition involves the interaction of a large network of brain regions, but the exact mechanism by which the brain coordinates activity across brain regions has not been specified. My current research is focused on how brain regions dynamically interact for controlled retrieval of episodic memories. My research using EEG has indicated that theta oscillations may provide a mechanism for interaction in a fronto-parietal-hippocampal network for episodic memory retrieval. I plan to continue investigating the functional role of neural oscillations in the interaction of frontal and posterior cortical regions for controlled retrieval of episodic memories. My research will use various memory paradigms in combination with EEG and, in continuing collaboration with my postdoctoral advisor, fMRI. Understanding the role of neural oscillations in the network dynamics involved in the retrieval of information is not only important for understanding controlled retrieval of episodic memories, but has broad implications for understanding large-scale brain network dynamics and their relation to other cognitive phenomena.