Neuroscience Labs

The research and activity in Bowdoin's neuroscience laboratories are both diverse and complementary. Though the faculty have their own areas of specialization, they work collaboratively with students, colleagues, and scholars throughout the world. The laboratory facilities in the Druckenmiller Science Building and the new Kanbar Hall are state-of-the-art.

As the labs are, for both student and faculty research, a major focus of the program we invite you to explore the fascinating research that goes on.    

Patsy S. Dickinson - Bowdoin Neuroscienc Lab
Patsy S. Dickinson's research focuses on the control of behavior by neural networks in simple model systems such as those found in crustaceans.

Hadley Wilson Horch: Bowdoin Neuroscience Lab
Hadley Wilson Horch's research focuses on mechanisms of neuronal regeneration in simple model systems such as the cricket and crayfish.    visit the lab »

Erika Nyhus' research focuses on the neural processes involved in higher-level cognition, including executive functioning and episodic memory.    visit the lab »

Richmond R. Thompson: Bowdoin Neuroscience Lab
Richmond R. Thompson 's research focuses on the neurochemistry of social behavior in various vertebrate species, including humans.    visit the lab »

Druckenmiller Science Building

The Druckenmiller Science Building