Neuroscience Alumni

After Bowdoin

The majority of Neuroscience majors go on to either graduate or medical school. In addition, a number of majors have gone on to careers in the allied health professions, including veterinary medicine, public health, and nursing. Some recent choices of graduate and medical schools include Harvard, Yale, Brandeis, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Penn, and the University of Calgary. Many majors spend one to three years after graduating conducting research at institutions such as the National Institutes of Health or a variety of major universities and medical institutions before going on to graduate or professional school.

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Matt Boersma '04
Honors student with Seth Ramus, now at Johns Hopkins University, graduate student in Neuroscience
Scott Herrick '04

Honors student with Seth Ramus, now at Rockefeller University, technician in the lab of Bruce McEwen
Emily Thompkins '03
Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine
Alexis Goldstein '03
Independent Study Research with Seth Ramus, now at The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, graduate student
Christopher Johnson '03
Laboratory technician at Brandeis University
Kirsten George '03
Laboratory technician at Bowdoin (in professor thompson's lab)
Kelly Dakin '02
Currently in the neuroscience grad program at Harvard
Tyler Dunphee '02
Currently in medical school at U. Minnesota
Lauren Axelrod '02
Currently in medical school at University Wisconsin
Yen Wing Chu '01
Currently in the neuroscience grad program at Johns Hopkins
Channing Paller '01
Currently an MD/PhD student at Harvard
Shiva Gupta '01
Currently in Med School at New York Medical College
Andrew Evans '01
Currently in the neuroscience grad program at U. Bristol in England
Shawn Pelletier '01
Currently in pharmacology grad program at University Connecticut


david munnoDavid Munno '99
Is currently pursuing his doctorate at the University of Calgary, Department of Neuroscience, continuing to study the means by which brain cells develop and regenerate their modes of communication. David also generously established The Munno Neuroscience Prize in 2001 for the Bowdoin student who has conducted the most outstanding research in neuroscience.