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Middle Eastern Ensemble

Middle Eastern Ensemble

Audio recording of the Middle Eastern Ensemble (MP3)

Directors: Eric La Perna & Amos Libby

The Middle Eastern ensemble, formed in 2006, performs music from the Arab world, Turkey, Armenia, and the Middle East more generally. This music ranges from t he contemplative to the danceable. We perform one concert per semester, often in collaboration with the Bowdoin Belly Dance ensemble, or with other World Music ensembles on campus. It is open to students who read music and who play string or wind instruments, or who are willing to learn Middle Eastern percussion. Bowdoin owns an oud, a qanun, some frame drums, riqqs, and tables (dumbeks), and instruction on these can be provided. The ensemble is directed by Mary Hunter and by Eric la Perna , a local freelance Middle Eastern percussionist. Visiting Middle Eastern artists also provide occasional instruction.