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Shiyani Ncgobo: The Diviner

Whitacre: Three Songs of Faith

Bach: Chorus from Cantata 196

The Bowdoin Chamber Choir, a college ensemble of thirty, has performed Ecuadorian music in the Andes, Mendelssohn motets in Germany, premieres of new American music for the Society of Composers, Gaelic folksongs in Ireland, Schubert's Mass in G with the Portland Symphony, a Jimi Hendrix festival, and the moresche of Lassus for the American Choral Director's Association in Boston. Past guest artists include Gary Hines, Robert Russell, Toshi Shimada, Abraham Adzenyah, Joachim Gehrold, Eric Rice, and Yarina. For more information about the choir, contact Prof. Robert Greenlee at

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Highlights 1994-2004[CD Program (pdf)]

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ACDA Boston, 2004

  1. Weary Wind of the West--Edward Elgar 3:12
  2. Viri Galilaei--G. P. Palestrina 4:49
    Moresche--Orlando di Lasso
  3. Allala pia calia 1:53
  4. Chi chilichi? 2:23
  5. O pulchrae facies--Robert Greenlee 4:12
  6. Son de la loma--Miguel Matamoros, arr. C. Monier 2:03

Folk Music

  1. I'm Gonna Live Anyhow Till I Die--US 2:10
  2. Tshkenosnuri--Georgia 1:53
  3. Odoia--Georgia 2:25
  4. Mhilime magongo--Tanzania 2:46
  5. Deep River--Spiritual (US), arr. Burleigh 2:48
  6. Johnny Has Gone For a Soldier--US, arr. Greenlee 2:36
  7. Lord, Lord, Lord--Gospel Spiritual 3:02

Contemporary Music

  1. You are the New Day--John David, arr. Peter Knight 2:47
  2. Oh, how can I keep from singing?--Robert A. Harris 3:38
  3. Here with a Loaf of Bread--Emma Lou Diemer 0:56
  4. Let it be forgotten--Kirke Mechem 2:16
  5. Shir Hashirim--Yehudi Weiner 2:29
  6. Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?--Robt Greenlee 3:09
  7. Concert--Marshall Bialosky 3:04

Music of the Renaissance/Songs of Ecuador

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  1. Allala pia calia--Orlando di Lasso
  2. Missa Lauda Sion--Giovanni P. da Palestrina
  3. Missa Lauda Sion--Giovanni P. da Palestrina
  4. Missa Lauda Sion--Giovanni P. da Palestrina
  5. Missa Lauda Sion--Giovanni P. da Palestrina
  6. Missa Lauda Sion--Giovanni P. da Palestrina
  7. Missa Lauda Sion--Giovanni P. da Palestrina
  8. Oy comamos y bebamos--Juan del Encina
  9. Tu solus-- Josquin Desprez
  10. Hai Lucia--Orlando di Lasso
  11. Dum complerentur--Tomás Luis de Victoria
  12. Chi chilichi?--Orlando di Lasso
  13. Hanacpachap--anonymous, c. 1600
  14. Magnificat--Orlando di lasso
  15. Magnificat--Orlando di lasso
  16. Magnificat--Orlando di lasso
  17. Magnificat--Orlando di lasso
  18. Magnificat--Orlando di lasso
  19. Magnificat--Orlando di lasso
  20. Mille regretz--Josquin Desprez

Songs of Ecuador--arr. Robert Greenlee

  1. Aa, mañachiymanta kusi
  2. Kanta nishpami
  3. Mala cristiana

In Concert

  1. Conde Claros--as notated by Francisco de Salinas (1587-1590)

Music Of The Italian Baroque

From La Liberazione di Ruggiero Dall'isola D'alcina
  1. O bei Pensieri--Francesca Caccini (1587-c.1640)
  2. Qui lasci ai la mia vita
From Combatimento di Tancredi et Clorinda
  1. Movete al mio bel suon--Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
  2. Ei l'armi cinse

Music of Latin Amerindias

Duas Lendas Amerindias--Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959)
  1. O iurupari o memino
  2. O iurupari o cacador
  3. Partes al amanecer--Argentinian Folk Song
  4. Dos corazones--Blas Galindo (b. 1910)
  5. El Torito--Costa Rican Folk Song
  6. Huerto de Marzo--Gisela Hernadez Gonzalo (1912-1971)
  7. Pobre corazon--Equadorian Folk Song
  8. Si me dan pasteles--Puerto Rican Folk Song

Music Of England

  1. Teach me, O Lord--William Byrd (1543-1623)
  2. Greater love hath no man-- John Ireland (1879-1962)

Music Of Baroque Germany

From Jesu Meine Freude Dietrich Buxtehude (1637-1707)
  1. Verse I: Jesu meine freude
  2. Verse II: Weg mit allen Schatzen
  3. Verse III: Weicht, ihr Trauergeister
From Rufet Nicht Die Weisheit? Johann P. Krieger (1649-1725)
  1. Herr, mich verlanget
  2. Amen
From Cantata150, Nach Dir Herr, Verlanget Mich
  1. Sinfonia--J. S. Bach (1675-1750)
    Nach dir Herr, verlanget Mich
  2. Meine Tage in den Leiden  
  3. Wild Swans--George Andoniadis (b.1951), Text by Edna St. Vincent Millay