The Tillotson Room

tillotson room

Gibson 101, dedicated on October 23, 2004 as "The Tillotson Room" after former Music Professor Frederic Erle Thornlay "Tilly" Tillotson, is used by the Department of Music for larger classes, small concerts, and ensemble rehearsals. In an effort to update the Audio/Visual equipment and increase the utility of the room, the room was extensively renovated in the summer and fall of 2004.

Audio/Visual enhancements include:

  • two cabinets with touch screens, which control newly installed components including CD player and recorder, Cassette, DVD and VHS players
  • retractable motorized projection screen, window blinds and microphones
  • canister lamps and some stage lighting

Structural renovations:

  • The wooden floor was raised by about two feet, creating a much larger stage area and improving accessibility.
  • Some permanent seating was removed and stackable rehearsal chairs were provided to increase flexibility of classroom configurations and improve ergonomics for musicians in rehearsal.