Non-Western Music at Bowdoin

Bowdoin students are introduced to art, folk and popular music music from various parts of the globe, both in the classroom and in ensembles. One of our ethnomusicologists, Professor Joanna Bosse, offers a regular course on music of the Caribbean, and also has interests in the music of sub-Saharan Africa.  Our other ethnomusicologist, Professor Christopher Scales offers a course on Native American music. Our composer, Vineet Shende, teaches about music of East and South Asia, and one of our musicologists, Mary Hunter teaches a regular course on Arabic music. Our non-Western ensembles over the past few years use Bowdoin’s extensive collection of instruments, and have included a West-African drumming ensemble, an Mbira Ensemble, and the Middle Eastern Ensemble. Our guest artists regularly include those representing the wider world: this Spring there will be a concert by sitar virtuoso Ustad Usman Khan, and we have recently hosted the Sharq Arabic Music Ensemble and mbira master Cosmas Magayas.