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NPR's 'From the Top' at Bowdoin

Story posted March 20, 2012

Allen Wong Yu always knew he wasn't going to take his considerable musical talent to a conservatory—his varied interests were too broad to limit his studies to the piano. That's why Bowdoin and the liberal arts were perfect for this extraordinary 19-year old from Cohoes, New York. Yu was recently invited to appear for the second time on NPR's popular radio program for young classical musicians, "From the Top." His performance is part of a show taped in Bowdoin's Kanbar Auditorium, Studzinski Recital Hall and broadcast nationally on March 19, 2012.

When From the Top, NPR’s program showcasing young classical musicians from around the country, came to Kanbar Auditorium, Studzinski Recital Hall, it gave pianist Allen Wong Yu ’14 a national audience. After performing Mussorgsky’s “The Great Gate of Kiev,” Yu challenged program host and acclaimed concert pianist Christopher O’Riley to a contest rarely seen outside of Bowdoin’s award-winning dining halls: pepper flipping.

 Allen Wong Yu '14, appearing for the second time across the country on National Public Radio and locally on Maine Public Radio.