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Keyboard Is King at Bowdoin This Spring

Story posted February 09, 2012

At the keyboard of Bowdoin's 1927 Austin OrganAudiences can experience the full evolution of the piano this semester, with a inviting range of concerts featuring organ, clavichord, harpsichord, fortepiano, pianoforte — and even the Hammond organ.

The series culminates with a Bowdoin Klavierfest, April 12-14, which brings leading concert pianists and scholars together for a series of master classes, talks and performances. It features the performance of a new work by Bowdoin composer Vineet Shende, and the New England premiere of a recently discovered composition by Vladimir Horowitz.

Pianist George LopezInternationally known pianist George Lopez, who is Bowdoin's artist-in-residence, says the concerts will "expose people to the many creative facets of playing keyboards. Their musical dynamism invites new and wonderful ways of listening to music."

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Unlike the harpsichord, which is plucked, the clavichord has metal tangents that strike the string and produce a soft, extremely expressive sound, It's a more or less private instrument, suitable for a salon.
— Delmar Small