Location: Bowdoin / McKeen Center / Service and Leadership / Annual Events / Common Good Day

14th Annual Common Good Day, 2012

 Common Good Day 2012 was a big success! Thanks to all of our volunteers for their hard work!


In his inaugural address President Joseph McKeen said, "It ought always to be remembered, that literary institutions are founded and endowed for the common good, and not for the private advantage of those who resort to them for education." To carry his vision into the 21st century, Common Good Day has become a yearly tradition at Bowdoin College that fosters collaboration among members of the Bowdoin community, local nonprofit agencies, and municipal organizations in the greater Brunswick area through service.  In 2012, nearly 500 students, faculty, staff, alumni, and Friends of Bowdoin volunteered on Common Good Day doing projects such as gardening, trail maintenance, visiting the elderly, painting, yard work, grant research, and spending time with children.  Each year, in addition to serving the community, participants eat lunch catered by Bowdoin Dining Services and get a FREE T-SHIRT!