America Reads and Counts

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Wouldn't it be wonderful if your campus job could get you off campus to work with local kids? America Reads and Counts allows students to do just that!

America Reads and Counts tutors provide valuable literacy and math help to elementary and middle school students in the local area. Bowdoin students work closely with classroom teachers to help students reach their learning potential. Tutors might spend time working one-on-one with students, running small-group tutoring sessions, or working alongside teachers in the classroom. This is a great chance to make a difference by working closely with students in local schools.

The McKeen Center provides training for new tutors and helps them get oriented in their new positions. In addition to tutoring time, ARAC tutors are required to attend an orientation at the beginning of the year, participate in periodic meetings throughout the semester, submit weekly journals, maintain good communication with their classroom teacher(s) and the McKeen Center, and complete program evaluations.

Student Leadership

The success of this program relies on the outstanding leadership of our student coordinators.  With a coordinator for every 5 or 6 tutors, these students act as a liaison between tutors, teachers, and McKeen Center staff.  They are in constant contact with tutors throughout the semester and help solve any challenges tutors face in the classroom.

I feel this program is helpful because it provides us with students who not only help in our classroom, but also serve as role models to young students for continuing their education and helping in the community.
- Diana Marc-Aurele, Teacher at Bowdoinham Community School

How to Get Involved

Reading and math tutors are needed to help students of all abilities. If you are interested in being an America Reads and Counts tutor please fill out an online application. Because America Reads and Counts is a federally funded program, all tutors must be Federal Work Study eligible. If you do not know if you are eligible, contact the Student Employment Office.

For more information about America Reads and America Counts contact Matt Gee, assistant director, or visit the Student Employment Office website to view the job description.