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About Alternative Breaks

ASB Georgia 2017

Alternative Break trips - both Winter and Spring - provide a unique opportunity for students to participate in an intensive public service experience while increasing their understanding of significant social and environmental problems. Engaged in direct service relating to these problems, students live and work in communities with which they otherwise may have little contact. Being completely immersed in this environment over an extended period of time allows students to internalize their experience, which can serve as a springboard for a lifelong commitment to social change.

Most trips do have a fee, but need-based financial aid is available to cover up to 80% of trip costs.

How Bowdoin AB Works

Alternative Break trips are organized and led by students who want to provide an intensive learning through service experience. AB leaders are responsible for all aspects of the alternative spring break trip, including recruiting participants, trip logistics, coordinating with the host site, and leading the actual trip.

Leader Selection
AB proposals and leader applications are reviewed each spring for the following year by a committee of students, faculty, and McKeen Center staff. Those leaders whose trips are selected receive support and training from the McKeen Center to plan and implement their AB trips.

Leaders' Seminar
During the fall semester, ASB leaders participate in the Leaders' Seminar, a 10-week course facilitated by the staff of the McKeen Center. This seminar prepares leaders in how to organize and lead their trips and to help student participants examine the political, social, cultural, and economic aspects of their service and the communities in which they will be living. Through this seminar, leaders develop their own seminar which they lead for their trip participants in the spring.

Participants' Seminar
Prior to the trips, participants attend weekly pre-service meetings to prepare them for their service experience. These meetings include background and cultural information about the site, educational visits from Bowdoin professors, reading assignments, film viewing, fundraising, and team-building activities.

During and After the Trip
During the trip, students participate in meaningful service activities, daily reflective sessions, and evening group activities. After returning to campus, students work together to educate the larger Bowdoin community about their issue area and experience.

Proposing an AB Trip

An AB trip could be a great vehicle to educate Bowdoin around whatever social issues you care about most. To participate, ASB leaders must be on campus both semesters, but AWB leaders may be off campus in the spring semester. Here are the basics you need to know:

Where and when are the trips? AB trips can be local, national, or international, and they take place during both Winter and Spring Break.

What are the possibilities? All AB trips are proposed, and led, by students. You can propose to build on a past AB trip, or identify a different social issue that you care about and plan something from scratch.

How do I propose a trip?  The application process happens in April each year, for the following academic year.  Here are the steps:

1. Browse our short how-to guide. When you’re ready, schedule a meeting with Andrew Lardie to discuss your ideas.

2. The trip leader application is in two parts. Both the individual leader app form and the trip proposal form will begin accepting applications for the 2019-20 academic year in April 2019.  Applications will be due by Wednesday, April 24 at 5:00 PM.

Alternative Breaks 2018-19

Here are descriptions of this year's two Winter trips and seven Spring trips, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

ASB Maine 2017

Past Trips

AWB DC 2017
Before this trip I thought of issues of poverty as if they could be drawn on graphs and shoved into political speeches, but now I think of them as a tangle of simple problems that all kinds of people face every day.
- Jessie Turner ’13, Guatemala

The Alternative Break program has a successful and exciting history. The first trip sponsored through the McKeen Center (formerly the Community Service Resource Center) traveled to Peru in 2002. Since then, the program has grown exponentially. In 2010, the Alternative Winter Break projects were added. In 2018, 89 Bowdoin students traveled to 8 destinations. Through all this time, these trips have been designed and led exclusively by students. See below link for descriptions of all the past trips.

Complete list of past Alternative Break projects

Program Contact Information

For more information about the ASB program contact Andrew Lardie, Associate Director at the McKeen Center.