Alternative Spring Break 2013 Trips

A Helping Hand in Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Participants explored issues of hunger and homelessness by working with a food shelter, a housing and neighborhood redevelopment program, and other organizations designed to alleviate poverty. Leaders: Courtney Chuang '15 and Diana Lee '14

Harvesting Communities in Immokalee, Florida
Immokalee, Florida
Participants worked with and learned from the migrant workers of Immokalee, Florida by tutoring youth, working in a soup kitchen, and advocating for their fair and humane treatment. Leaders: Leovanny Fernandez and Macy Galvan '13

Lessons from the Passamaquoddy
Pleasant Point, Maine
Participants learned about Native American communities in Maine by volunteering in schools and learning from community members of the Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Tribe. Leaders: Erin St. Peter '13 and Micah Ludwig '13
*This trip was fully financed by the President's Office as part of the Bowdoin-Colby-Bates Wabanaki Collaborative.

Making Mississippi Home
Pontotoc, Mississippi
Participants examined issues of affordable housing by working on a Habitat for Humanity build site in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Leaders: Laura Keller and Marcus Karim '14

New Perspectives, New Voices, New York
New York, New York
Participants gained perspectives on urban education by working with students from Harlem Children’s Zone and a Bronx public school. Leaders: Emma James '13 and Jess Caron '13

Revitalize Atlanta: Finding a New Home in America
Atlanta, Georgia
Participants learned about refugee resettlement by working closely with organizations that provide education, housing, and job training to Atlanta refugee communities. Leaders: Jessie Turner and Melody Hahm

Spring to Safe Passage in Guatemala City
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Participants engaged in cross-cultural exchange and participated in discussion, worked in English classrooms, and facilitated creative projects at Safe Passage, an organization that provides education and support for the children and adults of the Guatemala City garbage dump community. Leaders: Sandra Martinez and Tasha Sandoval '13