Alternative Spring Break 2012 Trips

A Fresh Start in Phoenix
Phoenix, Arizona
Volunteering with the Arizona Lost Boys Center, students will gain an understanding of support systems available to African refugee families as they work to transition into the U.S. while exploring policy and advocacy related to refugee services.

Building in Beards Fork
Beards Forks, Virginia             
Working with the Southern Appalachian Labor School on home renovation to support sustainable, affordable housing, students will learn from this former coal mining community about the challenges facing rural America in Appalachia. 

Healthy Lives in New Mexico
Crownpoint, New Mexico
Through connections with local schools and hospitals, students will explore issues of health education with the Native American community while assisting in classrooms, providing nutrition lessons, and learning from local Native American health professionals.

Journey to Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia
Helping recently resettled refugees adjust to life in the United States by working closely with organizations that provide them with education, housing, and job training students will prepare for the arrival of newcomers and provide educational services to the current Atlanta refugee community while learning directly from refugees. 

On the Streets of D.C.
Washington, D.C.
Students will examine the impacts of poverty and learn about public policy and services designed to alleviate hunger and homelessness while volunteering with soup kitchens and shelters, working with advocacy organizations and individuals affected by these issues, and visiting Capitol Hill to meet with Maine’s elected officials. 

Operation Helping Hands
New Orleans, Louisiana
Students will assist with rebuilding efforts and distribute energy efficient light bulbs while working with Operation Nehemiah to address environmental and social issues related to community building through green projects in Post Katrina neighborhoods. 

Providing Safe Passage in Guatemala
Guatemala City
Volunteering with Safe Passage, an organization that works with children in the Guatemala City by creating opportunities and fostering dignity through education, students will assist Guatemalan teachers, meet the families that make their living off the Guatemala City dump, and learn about the legacy of Safe Passage's founder, Hanley Denning, Bowdoin class of '92.

Urban Promise
Camden, New Jersey
Serving with UrbanPromise, students will learn about urban education and the challenges students face in low-income communities while working with children in classrooms and on school maintenance projects.

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