Alternative Spring Break 2010 Trips

ASB10A Helping Hand in Immokalee, FL

Immokalee, Florida              
Students spent a week working with and learning from the migrant workers of Immokalee, Florida.  Participants got to know the underpaid and overworked immigrants that pick your food as they tutored their children, served them dinner at the Friendship House soup kitchen, and advocated for their fair and humane treatment.

Adventures in Appalachia

Maryville, Tennessee                              
Participants explored an Eastern Tennessee community through connections with the Cherokee Nation and service on social and environmental issues.  Students learned about sutainable agriculture practices, volunteered at a Cherokee preschool, took part in Cherokee National Forest trail maintenance, and connected with local community members.

Book It to the Bronx

New York City, New York                                  
Students learned about urban education in New York City through hands-on experiences with a Bronx public school and Harlem Children's Zone.  Participants assisted in classrooms, worked with children, and learned about multiple approaches to education. 

Counting on College  

Charleston, South Carolina                                    
Volunteers worked with students in under-served rural and urban schools in South Carolina to remove barriers to higher education. 

Discovering D.C.

Washington D.C.                                         
Participants worked with organizations in Washington, D.C. to address issues of hunger and homelessness through direct service and advocacy.  Students volunteered in soup kitchens, learned directly from current and former homeless individuals, and met with Maine senators and congressmen and women to discuss related legislation. 

New Perspectives in New Mexico

Gallup, New Mexico                 
Students explored issues of health education with a New Mexico Native American community through connections with local schools and hospitals.  Participants planned fun activities with kids to teach them about health topics and visited a local hospital and learn about the health care system. 

Providing Safe Passage in Guatemala 

Guatemala City, Guatemala      
Volunteers helped break the cycle of poverty through their work with Safe Passage, an organization that creates opportunities for Guatemala City's poorest children through the power of education.  Students assisted Guatemalan teachers, met the families that make their living off the Guatemala City dump, and learned about the legacy of Hanley Denning, Bowdoin class of 1992, who created Safe Passage to provide a quality education to the children of Guatemala City. 

Urban Promise 

Camden, New Jersey
Students lended a hand at Urban Promise in Camden, New Jersey while learning about issues of urban education.  Volunteers worked with children in the classrooms and volunteered with the important school maintenance projects that help keep their operational costs low.

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