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Kati Joseph '09
Kati Joseph '09

Kati is pursuing a major in neuroscience and a minor in education studies.

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Book It to the Bronx
Students explored urban public education in New York City by volunteering at PS 152 and building a library at the Harlem Children's Zone, an organization led by Geoffrey Canada '74.

One of the most remarkable moments of ASB New York was a very short elevator ride from the first to the sixth floor of the Harlem Children's Zone. Inside that elevator were seventeen current and former Bowdoin students who had all left the privilege of Bowdoin and were using the Bowdoin experience to improve a disadvantaged neighborhood in New York; for us, it was a week-long project, and for the alumni, it was a career. That crowded elevator changed the whole way I approached the rest of the trip. The work these Bowdoin alumni are doing is having an unbelievable impact on the area of Harlem they serve and I realized that just a few years ago, they were right where we are now. From then on not only was I focused on the small difference I was making during the course of the week, but also how it wasn't so out of reach for me to be involved in such an extraordinary project in the future. Because the founder is a Bowdoin alumnus, the Harlem Children's Zone will always have a connection to Bowdoin, and after ASB NY there are fourteen new Bowdoin students who also have an enduring connection to HCZ.
  - Kati Joseph '09