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Julia Bond '09
Julia Bond '09

Julia is pursuing a major in neuroscience.

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Camino Seguro
Participants volunteered in the classrooms of Safe Passage (Camino Seguro), an organization founded by Hanley Denning ’92 for children whose families make their living off the Guatemala City dump.

"Spending even a little time with impoverished children will forever change your idea of what poverty is. When you live a life untouched by poverty, it's easy to imagine the poor as people who are different from you; people who have some quality that you lack that explains why they don't have enough money and you do. But these children are no different from any child that I've had to babysit in my suburban neighborhood. They want to be held, cuddled, picked up, snuggled and occasionally, despite your best efforts, they want to leap off their classroom desks. They'll share their ice cream cone with you, hold your hand, get excited about knowing English words -- three chickens! Red bus! -- and fall asleep on your lap on the bus ride home home (and then pretend they didn't). The only thing that differentiates these children from the kids I babysat for, or from my own cousins, or from me fifteen years ago is where we were born. These children taught me that poverty is everyone's problem, because in them I see every child I've ever met. You need only meet one child, any child, to understand why we must do everything we can to combat poverty."
- Julia Bond '09