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Elyse Terry '11
Elyse Terry '11

Elyse is from Concord, Massachusetts and plans to minor in teaching.

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Book It to the Bronx
Students explored urban public education in New York City by volunteering at PS 152 and building a library at the Harlem Children's Zone, an organization led by Geoffrey Canada '74.

For me, the term “privileged” tends to conjure up pristine images of white picket fences and uncomfortable feelings of white guilt; when I describe myself as privileged, I am usually employing a euphemistic adjective the way I would use “suburban” or “sheltered.” Yet, each day that I traveled between the Evergreen School and the Harlem Children’s Zone, I began to remember that privilege has other meanings which extend beyond clumsy references to socioeconomic status. Instead I defined privilege in terms of opportunity – specifically, the opportunity I had to become engaged in a community of curious, creative students and the fiercely dedicated teachers, administrators, and parents who worked to support them. I had the chance not only to observe, but to participate in the daily trials and triumphs that characterized this community’s quest to enrich the lives of all its members. By the week’s end, I felt exhausted and exhilarated. I felt purposeful and proud. Above all, as I reflected on the incredible opportunities and experiences I was given every day, I felt grateful. I felt honored. I felt privileged. And it was wonderful.
- Elyse Terry '11