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Caroline Bader '09
Caroline Bader '09

Caroline is pursuing a major in neuroscience and a minor in French.

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Supporting Sudan’s Lost Boys
Students learned about the lives of Sudanese refugees in the United States by traveling to Phoenix, Arizona, to volunteer with community organizations, meet with legislators, and learn from community leaders.

This trip opened my eyes to the difficulty of the immigrant and refugee experience. I began knowing very little, and left with a greatly increased awareness, sensitivity, and passion for the refugee issue. I used to be a skeptic, thinking that the only way to change the world was to actually physically do something, but now I see that discussion and awareness are extremely powerful tools. The people that we met with on this ASB trip - from the state representatives and lawyers building support networks that aid the refugees, to the refugees themselves - were all so incredibly inspiring. I believe that this trip gave me the type of educational experience I could never receive in the classroom, and will be invaluable for me as a person.
- Caroline Bader '09, Arizona