Alternative Spring Break 2008 Trips


*Please read and hear students' reflections for each trip below.  These reflections are comprised of at least one multimedia slideshow featuring students reading their reflections from their trips. Please turn on your computer's speakers.

Book It to The Bronx

New York City, New York
Participants explored issues of urban public education in NYC by connecting with the Harlem Children's Zone and working in elementary schools in the Bronx.
Elyse Terry '11 slideshow »
Kati Joseph '09 slideshow »
Camino Seguro

Guatemala City, Guatemala
Participants helped empower disadvantaged children by combating poverty through education at Safe Passage in Guatemala.
Julia Bond '09 slideshow »
Jamie Nadeau '10 slideshow »
Lending a Hand in Louisiana

Pheonix, Louisiana
Participants worked to rebuild homes in rural Pheonix, Louisiana, a community devastated by Hurricane Katrina.
Margaret Brenner '10 slideshow »
Making Mississippi Home

Pontotoc, Mississippi
Participants learned about affordable housing by working on a Habitat for Humanity build site in Pontotoc, Mississippi.
Patrick Costello '09 slideshow »
Jamilah Gurwala '11 slideshow »
Su Parque en Peru

Lima, Peru
Participants built a park and promoted community development in the shantytowns of Lima, Peru.
Laura Belden '08 slideshow »
Lincoln Pac '08 slideshow »
Supporting Sudan's Lost Boys

Phoenix, Arizona
Participants traveled to the Lost Boys Center in Phoenix, Arizona, to work with and learn from recently relocated Sudanese refugees.
Caroline Bader '09 slideshow »
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