Alternative Spring Break 2005 Trips

ASB05AIDS in America and Beyond

Washington D.C.
Students worked with those who try to make the lives of people living with AIDS better and learned about organizations, local and abroad, that work to end the epidemic.
Bridges to Community

Las Conchitas, Nicaragua
Through first-hand experience, both on the worksite and in the village, volunteers gained a deeper awareness of our global interdependence and made life-long friendships.
Get in the Zone

Harlem, New York
Participants spent a week living and volunteering in Harlem, working on issues of education, child care, families, and access to technology.
Park it in Peru

Lima, Peru
Volunteers helped improve the quality of life for the residents of a shanty town in Lima by helping to build a park and explore the richness of the people and culture of Peru!
Serve As Jesus Served

Dorchester, Massachusetts
Students participated in a week of hardcore service and discussions of race, poverty, and systemic injustice, modeled after Jesus, right in the heart of Boston.
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