Alternative Spring Break

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The Alternative Spring Break program has a successful and exciting history.  The first trips sponsored through the McKeen Center (formerly the Community Service Resource Center) traveled to _____ and ____in 2004.  Since then, the program has grown exponentially.  In 2010 we saw almost 100 students travel to 8 destinations, both domestic and international.  Through all this time, these trips have been designed and led exclusively by students.  See below links to descriptions of all the past trips and students' reflections of their experiences.

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I remember one of the kids coming up to me and asking a very simple question: "Why did you come to Gallup?" I told her that I wanted to come to teach for my spring break instead of just going home. She asked me why. I said because I wanted to give back to a community in some way. She continued to ask why until I wasforced to think for myself, "Why Gallup?" Most of the kids wanted to get out of Gallup as soon as possible and there I was teaching nutrition for a week. I knelt down beside her and said, "Because I wanted to meet you." She blushed and went back to her work, but I stood up in deep thought. What was my original purpose in going to Gallup? The trip was not about being a resume-filler or getting a chance to see New Mexico. The purpose of the trip was to make REAL connections with students that would last longer than seven days. And I realized in that moment that I meant every word I had said to her.