Alternative Winter Break Application Questions

This list of questions is intended to help you plan your application in advance. You may wish to type your answers into a Word document and paste them into the online application.

Personal Information

First Name
Last Name
Student ID
Smith Union Box Number
Class Year
Major(s) or Intended Major(s)
Cell Phone
Indicate whether you have been van certified, if you have had a driver's license for at least one year, and if you are willing to be van certified (a license is not required for trip participation).
Indicate whether you previously applied to AWB, and if so, what year and your acceptance status.

Financial Aid

Indicate if you would like to be considered for financial aid.  Scholarships are available to students who receive financial aid from Bowdoin. The application process is need blind.

Trip Choices

You will be asked to rank your order of trip preference. Only rank the trip(s) in which you would want to participate.

Short Answers

Each question has a maximum allowance of 2500 characters.
1. Please discuss one or two activities you've been involved with over the past few years and why they have been important to you.
2. Elaborate on one specific reason you would like to participate in an Alternative Winter Break trip?
3. Briefly (two or three sentences is fine), discuss how your experiences have prepared you to live and volunteer with a group of fellow college students for a week. You may want to refer to family and personal background, educational experiences, travel, etc.

Terms, Agreement, and Submission

Applicants must agree to terms provided on the application page. Remember that by submitting your application, you are agreeing to take part in all aspects of the Alternative Winter Break program. Scholarships are available for students with financial need, as determined by the Student Aid Office. The application process is need blind. If you would like to be considered for financial aid, be sure to check that option on the application.