Alternative Spring Break: Apply

The Alternative Spring Break (ASB) application is an online form and will be available in Early October.  Please check back then to find out more about the application process.  In the mean time, please familiarize yourself with the program desrciption and expectations.

Program Description

The McKeen Center's Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program provides students the opportunity to spend the first week of spring break engaged in an intensive public service experience while increasing their understanding of significant social and environmental problems. 

Program Expectations

All ASB participants will be required to attend weekly meetings at the end of fall semester and throughout the spring semester to prepares them for their service experience.  The seminar may include educational visits from Bowdoin professors, reading assignments, film viewings, and team-building activities.  During the trip, students participate in all service activities, daily reflection activities, and evening group activities at the site.  This is an immersion program, so living and serving conditions may be uncomfortable or very different than what students are accustomed to.  Upon their return, all ASB participants take part in Perspectives, an all-trip discussion and photo exhibit.