Bowdoin Public Service in Washington

Mar 2018 BPS in Washington

The Bowdoin Public Service (BPS) in Washington program is designed to provide up to 10 current sophomores with the opportunity to delve into topics around government and public policy work in Washington, D.C. It is an interdisciplinary program, and seeks participants from a variety of academic and life backgrounds. All current sophomores are eligible to apply. 

Starting in January, selected BPS in Washington participants will meet for a weekly 1.5 hour seminar to engage in topics in public service, including foreign policy, economic policy, science/environmental policy, human rights/immigration policy, and campaigns and elections. These seminars will bring in Bowdoin faculty, alumni and community members with expertise in government service, and will be facilitated by two senior student leaders and the program director.

During the first week of spring break, programming will shift to Washington, D.C., where students will connect with elected, appointed and career government officials, as well as alumni and others working in NGOs with public policy initiatives. Participants will meet with alumni at all stages of their careers in public service. Meetings will take place at work sites all over Washington, D.C. and in downtown offices.

Participants will meet on-campus again after spring break to reflect on the experience both as individuals and as a cohort.

There is no student cost to this program.

Application Timeline: The deadline has passed for Spring 2018, but below is general information.

  • Application materials available online - first week of October
  • Information Sessions:
    • Mid-October through mid-November
  • Drop-In Hours with Sarah Chingos: October 15th – November 15th – Dates/times TBD. Banister 201.
  • Application deadline - mid-November
  • BPS in Washington cohort announced - early December

For more information, please contact Sarah Chingos, Associate Director for Public Service, McKeen Center.

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