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Patrick Costello '09
Patrick Costello '09

Patrick is pursuing a major in economics.

Alternative Spring Break 2008 Trips:
  • Book It to the Bronx, NY
  • Camino Seguro in Guatemala City
  • Lending a Hand in Louisiana
  • Making Mississippi Home
  • Su Parque en Perú
  • Supporting Sudan's Lost Boys in Phoenix, Arizona

Making Mississippi Home
Students traveled to Pontotoc, Mississippi, to help build affordable housing for a low-income family while learning about rural poverty, the housing crisis, and Southern culture.

Sunday afternoon, March 9. With a few hours to spare, our group strolled through the town square of Oxford, Mississippi, the home of beloved Ole Miss. At first sight, one might have mistaken Oxford for a ghost town; the shops were closed, the boarded up courthouse empty, and the sidewalks deserted. A dozen college kids from up North, we found ourselves in God's country, where Sunday, the Sabbath, is a day of rest, prayer, and devotion. Driving back from the empty town of Oxford, gazing across the sunlit landscape of Northern Mississippi, I couldn't help but feel far from snowy Maine. As the week progressed, the hospitality and warmth shown to us by the folks in Pontotoc was tremendous. The presence of God in the lives of these people manifested itself in ways that were, for me, truly inspiring.
- Patrick Costello '09