Location: Bowdoin / McKeen Center / Multimedia / Alternative Spring Break 2008 / Maggie Brenner '10
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Margaret Brenner '10
Margaret Brenner '10

Maggie is pursuing a major in romance languages and a minor in art history.

Alternative Spring Break 2008 Trips:
  • Book It to the Bronx, NY
  • Camino Seguro in Guatemala City
  • Lending a Hand in Louisiana
  • Making Mississippi Home
  • Su Parque en Perú
  • Supporting Sudan's Lost Boys in Phoenix, Arizona

Lending a Hand in Louisiana
In a region still struggling to recover from the devastation of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, students worked to rebuild homes in rural Phoenix, Louisiana.

When we spent the afternoon in New Orleans, many people were surprised that we were spending our week in the tiny speck of the town of Phoenix, LA and yet I can't imagine a place I would have rather been. We split our time there working on two houses on the same block belonging to a mother and daughter. The mother, Ms. Hazel, deligently served us full meals out of the tiny kitchen of her FEMA trailer. When we got ready to leave on the last day, we all thanked her for her kindness, which she whisked away with the flick of her dainty hand saying that she would remember us and our generosity far after we had forgotten her. I will of course never forget Ms. Hazel not only for her great stew, but also for her unerring faith in the kindness of God and his ability to bring volunteers like us to her.
- Margaret Brenner '10