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Jamie Nadeau '10
Jamie Nadeau '10

Jamie is pursuing a major in government and legal studies and a minor in English.

Alternative Spring Break 2008 Trips:
  • Book It to the Bronx, NY
  • Camino Seguro in Guatemala City
  • Lending a Hand in Louisiana
  • Making Mississippi Home
  • Su Parque en Perú
  • Supporting Sudan's Lost Boys in Phoenix, Arizona

Camino Seguro
Participants volunteered in the classrooms of Safe Passage (Camino Seguro), an organization founded by Hanley Denning '92 for children whose families make their living off the Guatemala City dump.

There is one memory that, for me, defines my experience with Safe Passage.
We are riding home from a zoo with a class of Guatemalan children, each of us sitting with one or two of them. Walter is sitting next to me; he is an eight-year-old boy, very quiet and shy, probably the most introverted in the class. We have had an amazing day together, despite the fact that communication between us has been limited to a few broken words, hand-holding, and high fives (my Spanish is horrid). On the bus, Walter mainly stares out of the window, but after a bit, I see his eyes drooping and he eventually falls asleep on my lap while I scratch his head.
There was a strong connection between us even though it wasn't expressed verbally, and I still remember thinking... what is he dreaming about? What are his aspirations? It was this experience that allowed me to feel the full influence of Safe Passage, the fact that it is providing children who must confront unspeakable poverty with a chance to be kids, to hope, to dream. Walter effected me in a way that is difficult to explain, and I am sure that I learned more from him than he did from me.
- Jamie Nadeau '10