Global Citizens Grant

Kyle Dempsey

The Global Citizens Grant provides students with the opportunity to pursue summer volunteer and public service projects outside of the United States.  The intent of the program is to support student projects that are independently designed and focus on providing direct service by working in local communities.  By enabling students to immerse themselves in foreign cultures, the Global Citizens Grant aims to encourage a broadening of perspective among volunteers, the foreign communities in which they will work, and the Bowdoin community to which they will return.

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Grants of $4000 will cover the cost of travel and living expenses for ten weeks.  Applicants may affiliate themselves with an existing organization in-country, but grants will not pay the costs of joining one of the many varieties of international "service trips" or "service tours" available for purchase.

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Willy Oppenheim

 As part of the grant, participants are required to:

1. Participate in an orientation to the program;
2.Convene with other grant recipients and staff upon return to campus for discussion, reflection and to identify common themes which could be addressed through campus-wide educational programming;
3. Present a summary of the experience to students, faculty and staff in a public venue organized by the McKeen Center for the Common Good;
4.Participate in an evaluation of the program at the end of the summer to help craft future program components.

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The Global Citizens Grant program was jump-started in 2008 by William Oppenheim '09. It is made possible through the generosity of Artistotle Investors Ltd., John Morrill, and Michael '60 and Linda Frieze through the Frieze Family Foundation of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston.

For more information on the Global Citizens Grant please contact Tom Ancona.